Friday, May 13, 2011

I fell in love...

With California and ROB LOWE!

We have been to Cali so many times but this time was just so much better. I was happier, which meant we were all happier! I was able to walk around Disney with no issues and I was able to walk down Rodeo and do some major damage and had a blast doing it!

I also got to meet Steve Martin and Lorne Michaels on Rodeo! I was shaking for over 10 minutes! Insane!

Our new fave place to eat is Chipotle's! Oh my...absolute delish!

Finally got back after 10 days of bliss, come home and decide to watch my PVR'd episode of Oprah with Rob Lowe on it! My, oh my...I have a crush and a hard one! I went and bought his book and the new issue of Vanity Fair! I just keep dreaming of his real teeny, tiny grey briefs! My husband is all ok with it cause he reaps the rewards :)

Ive been trying to keep up with the blogs...right now my life is feeling a little BLOGGED! Crazy ass busy time of year!

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!