Monday, January 31, 2011

I got the..."how much have you lost"

Yeup! "how much have you lost"??
70lbs? Really? That's amazing...great for you! BUT...

Scroll down
You are done losing right? Anymore and you would be too skinny!

Too skinny...let's see! I was 140lbs when I got married 14 years ago and no one told me I was too skinny! BUT, when I was 232lbs, I was really need to lose weight for your health!

I am good at 160lbs...I just need to tone up all the loose jiggly parts. I felt great going to the mall yesterday until I went into LULU and tried on some tight workout wear in the bad lighting - wow I need a tan! Going for a spray on prep of my Mexico trip on the 12th!

My heart breaks every time I think of Barbara and her family. One day at a time...

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Everyone needs one of these in their home or at the gym!
I kicked his ASS!
YEUP and what fun it was...released all my tension and the endorphins kicked in! Of course my trainer kicked mine as well but I had a lot of fun doing it!
Today I can barely sit or get up and down...NICE EH!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My WORD....

So I had 5 episodes of Oprah to watch this past weekend...Finally Saturday night I did it! I watched 4 of them...and let me tell you, it was life CHANGING! Yes, you heard right.
I cried and cried...tears of joy, sadness and fear watching each episode and each one had some sort of meaning or revelation. It got me thinking that this woman must be some sort of higher being. No I am not crazy, but I got it! We cant find the true meaning of happiness but we can get close to having peace, love and smiles in our life.
Im always thinking in the back of my head that this (the band) is not forever and it breaks my heart....I need to get rid of that fear and the only way I can is to BELIEVE! So I tried it...everytime I thought negative or scared, I just repeated to myself...BELIEVE and holy moly, it worked! IT WORKED!
I pinch myself cause I cannot believe I have you all in my life to support and guide me. YOU PEEPS get me and thats what ROCKS!
Have a beautiful Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The power of the PEEPS!

Its amazing how much this friendship means to me and how important it is to stay connected and to keep blogging as our lives change every day!

I went on line, I posted my upsetting story, then I read your comments and it gave me the strength to go home, sit my husband down and tell him..."I am going to Mexico"! I did it. I felt like a weight was lifted off of me. He didn't give me attitude and we actually had a decent conversation!

Thanks to all of YOU!

So on Feb 12 for one week...Ill be sitting poolside in Puerta Vallarta in my new Juicy suit that I bought last year and tried on this morning...HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! Mamma is back and in full force! WATCH OUT!

Air kisses to you all!
I actually look hotter in it than she does!

PS. The whole Jesse James and Kat Von D thing makes me appreciate my love and marriage so much MORE!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yeup thats me!

My parents are going to Puerta Vallarta (its an annual thing they have been doing for so many years) and all these years, my parents have always asked us to join them for a week or two.

I've always had to say no cause we could not afford it and my husband has no interest in going. Then my parents said last year that they wanted to take us all...13 in total but then again my husband did not want to go. Parents suggested a cruise and of course we know the answer to that one. husband had no interest. Finally my parents said forget it. Not worth the stress!

He kept insisting some place like California and I wanted to try something new..Hawaii but in the end he won and we will be going in April just the 4 of us!

So back to the point of this parents are going and asked for me and my sisters to join them for a week. All expenses paid. HE DOES NOT WANT ME TO GO.

I'm hurt, torn and I feel guilty that I do not have the strength to fight back. What do I do? Do I say forget it and just go? Do I fight with him? I need some solid advice...

Oh yeah, he and his friends go on an annual Vegas trip without any hesitation and I always tell him with sincerety, "have a great time"! THIS SUCKS BALLS!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Ok what is the deal with walking into these freakin stores at the mall and I casually and oh so sweetly ask for a size 32 which is comparable to a 10-12 and the dumb ass sales clerk looks at me with their oh so innocent face and say..."sorry we only go up to a 31 but you can try these on and see if they fit...they have a ton of stretch in them"! Oh HOLD ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mouth dropped...I was stunned but then again was I surprised?? After a few minutes...NO! What a total joke. I was almost ready to send the store/head office a letter of size discrimination! Who the hell wears a size 0 anyways????

Happened to anyone else?
Ive worked so damn hard to get into normal store sizes and STILL A BIG FAT NO! Normally I dont use the F word but this post deserves a little profanity!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I forgot what it was like to actually be able to eat...CRAZINESS!

I was able to have some chicken, soup and some veggies! Hoping this may help my fear/anziety of eating in front of people! Yes, I think I have that! Anyone else??

So far 2011 has been good to me. I still pinch myself cause I am not on one of those dreadful diets! I cringe a little when I hear my friends have joined a program of some sort. I have been there so many freakin times!

Still not back at the gym but I am getting that itch...yes you heard right! Cant wait to feel the endorphins and get my heart pumping and my body moving!

Hope you are all doing well!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I am trying to mean it the most nicest way possible...BUT NO CAN DO!

So here it goes..a convo with my so called best friend:

N: We r trying to save money and eat out less
C: You have no excuses cause someone (my mil) cooks for you 3 days a week
N: Oh yeah I have excuses...2 kids, working full time, hockey, drama, dance, training, drums etc. Should I keep going??? Its non stop! Just wait until your 3 year old has a sibling and they are in school and doing activities.
C: Still wont make a difference cause I wont have anyone to cook for me
N: Yes you will be forced to eat out more cause you wont have time to prep and cook!

No reply after that one...
She gave me freakin chest pains and anxiety! What a total COW!
So freakin jealous, it pains me. Not my fault that I have an amazing MIL and she lives 3 blocks away. We chose to live close to her, to take care of her. They had the option but cause she is a stubborn COW, she lives over 30 minutes away! Oh to be YOU!

Sorry I had to vent...I Heart all you BLOGLAND PEEPS!

My money saving month is not going very well! I ran to the mall last night to pick up something that was a gift and had to be exchanged. Well...we know the end of that one. Low and behold I found a hot looking pair of Fryes! Oh so comfy and oh so on just right! I had to hide them from the FAM cause my kids have such big mouths! Final sale so I could not return and decided to wear them today. LOVE THEM! The only way I could justify is that my bday is next month and any moola I get I will put towards my freakin credit card!

Watched the Dateline Celebrity Diet thing...TOTAL WASTE OF ONE HOUR OF MY TIME!

Here's to a delightful and GREEN ZONE WEEKEND!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing...

Did anyone watch this???

Oh my gawd! Craziness...

It was finally nice to hear the last dude say he donated to charity cause who the hell needs all of that food? Almost like a hoarder with an addiction??? Wouldnt you say??

Its a full time job for those people! I get it but why dont the Charities hire these types of people???

Up here in Canada, we dont get those types of store promotions...but I do like deals and clipping out some coupons! Never $5000 for $250!

I also recorded the ABC program last night Celebrity Weight Loss...cant wait to go home and watch that one! Stay tuned...

Down to 166 and still overweight as per the stupid ass BMI thingy! Soon...