Friday, August 27, 2010


Not a very exciting title but that is what I am feeling today...

Its been a long excercise and no energy. I am supposed to be getting my (.) but nothing seems to be coming. I guess it wants to wait a little longer. I just don't like weighing when I know its coming. Always adds a few pounds! Crazy I know!

My daughter finishes her camp today and then my son starts a new one next week so there will be more driving around. I have spent so much money on fuel this summer...yes FUEL!

Tomorrow my sis, niece and baby girl are going shopping down south...WOOHOOO! Only to Bellingham but theres a TARGET and TRADER JOE's! Something we dont have here in Vancouver...

Sunday I need to start getting organized for back to school = YUCK! Lunches, homework and notices galore. So not looking forward to it!

Weight and health wise...I have my CT scan booked for Sunday, Sept 19 @ 7:30am! YES! Can you believe that...A Sunday! We have a 40th party the night before. The receptionist told me to drink lots and I asked her if Alcohol counts. She didn't really laugh! WHATEV!

Weigh in day is on Tuesday...190 is the goal!

Hope you are all having a fab day and here's looking to an amazing weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Travelling sisterhood...

Hey Ladies,

I have 3 almost brand new Yummie Tummie Tanks that I love and cannot wear no longer...

They are a size 2x and fit an 18-20 HOT MAMMA!

One is a strappy tank in a peach/neutral and there are two black basic tanks.

Here is the website...

Let me know if you are interested and I will ship them out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6 Month Bandiversary...

And 40lbs down! Half way there....

I feel so much better. More energy and a clearer mind!

Would I do it again? HELL YA! I would never have lost 40lbs on my own.

I do miss taking big bites of burgers, hot dogs, etc. Definitely a learning curve but I love my new body more!

Weekend was a total blast! Two concerts and they ROCKED! We stood for over 5 hours on Saturday in the sun and it was an experience I will never forget! Beach Boys opened for Bryan Adams. I cried when he came out. Brought back a ton of memories...

The goal for August is 190. I am two pounds away...Drinking my water and will eventually get back into the excercise. It seems like all I do is drive the kids everywhere, clean the house and so much running around.

I have to thank each and everyone of you...I would not have come this far without all of your love and support!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh so close...

To 100 Followers! Just one more! ONE MORE!!!

What's been going on in NELLAWORLD??

Well lets see...
1. Busy driving my son to and from hockey camp
2. Working and trying to keep up with my social life
3. Crappy sick feeling all weekend...nothing has been staying down or in. Eating very little. Tightness could be due to stress and TOM.
4. Hives or Heat Rash...who the hell knows! Taking meds!
5. Going for blood tests tmr (just a normal procedure)
6. Heartburn and relieved by Zantac
7. Tightness (had to repeat - last fill May 6!)
8. Going to see Michael Buble on Friday night - what a dreamboat! He's performing live in his home town of BC!
9. Weekend gets better and better...Going to See Bryan Adams at the PNE (our local fair 100 year celebration and his home town as well - its gonna be crazy!!!!) and hoping to run into Michelle from She doesn't know what I look like but I know what she does! Should be good!
10. Last but not least..getting myhair cut and coloured tonight - AHH HELLO HOTNESS! Its been a few months and it needs some work!

Happy Hump Day to all you hotties!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Let me start off by saying I had a fabulous vacation away in the Okanagan. Its absolutely perfect there and we always have such a great time. The only downfall was that we were all spread apart and in order for the kids to see their friends and cousins, they would have to ride their bikes down the street and it caused a little stress. Next year we need to plan a little more...

Happy to be back but in a slight funk!

Back to my post title...

We went out on Thursday night and my so called "best friend" was quiet - again! Not much conversation and I could not figure it out. This friendship takes a lot of work. I mean a lot and it seems like its all me. When we do get together, she is negative and I allow her to make her comments. Buuuut, I never make them back and I think she takes advantage of that. I have continued to stay friends and make more of an effort cause she is married to my husband's best friend and my childhood friend. Makes it more complicated! It seems like we have a better email friendship than a personal one. Does that make sense? They have a 2 year old son which I absolutely I am in a funk and a crossroads! Feels good to put it out there!

On to my liver...I have to go for another bloodtest to check my kidneys before I can even make the CT appointment. It still hurts after I eat and I honestly think its affecting my band and how much I can eat. Getting stuck a lot - had a few episodes while away and it totally sucks! It sucks that the sliders have no problems! Every meal, I get tense and don't know what to expect which causes me more grief!

Another slight issue...heartburn. Any suggestions???

I am slowly catching up on all the blogs! Sending happiness and love to you all!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaccckkkk!

And I missed u all!
Just a quick hello and happy Friday to all you lovies...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


What the hell is that you ask??

Well I looked it up to better understand what the hell the doctor was saying...

"A hemangioma of infancy (or haemangioma of infancy) is a benign self-involuting tumor of endothelial cells (the cells that line blood vessels). In most cases it appears during the first days or weeks of life and will have resolved at the latest by age 10. In infancy, it is the most common tumor."

So the good news is that it is not my gallstones but a benign tumor on my liver. It scared the shit out of me...I am now going for a CT scan to see it even closer but some people are saying not to and just wait for another ultrasound in 3 months! "There is more rays in a CT scan to harm you than whats in you" Does anyone know about this? I need some guidance! I almost wish it was my gallstones. Sometimes the pain is not tolerable!

The crappy part is that its been hurting all day long and then we went out for lunch, took two bites (lobster ravioli) and I was in the loo sending it right back up! Crap...I just threw up again. WTF????? It just goes to show that stress plays a huge part on our body! I AM HUNGRY!

I did get on the scale and was surprised to see 194! Maybe it was the bitch assing run I went for last night to clear my head!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Lovin...

Its been a really nice one so far!

Being 36lbs lighter from last year really helps with the heat and sweat!

I have been reading everyone's blogs and trying to comment. Its been a little crazy at work. They are putting air conditioning in! YEUP! Finally!

My mind has been in a slight funk and I don't know why! Driving me a little crazy! I have nothing to worry about or think about but the brain doesn't shut off. Sometimes I wish I knew how to turn it off.

The last weigh in was 196 and I need to get back on the scale before we leave for our Okanagan vacation. Oooohhh, 5 days beach and poolside with a drink or two in my hot hands! I wish I was there right now!

Had my ultrasound on Friday and the results are in (gallstone????) so I am off to the doctor at 6 for my follow up! Stay tuned...

Oh yeah, we went to Kits Beach on the weekend (rated number 3 in the world or north america...I can't remember!) well its only 15 minutes from our home! We had the best fish and chips. I took a picture with my Iphone. Not as good as I hoped. I will post! We also went downtown to the trade and convention center and I was able to get a picture of the Olympic TORCH! Very cool and what an amazing view!

Hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday! Here's hoping to a Tootin Thursday!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Sam at

For nominating me the exclusive and very cool award! My first and I am completely honoured!!!

I am speechless...if you can believe it!

Seven things you don't know about me ~ Hmmmmm...

1. I have a crush on Zac Efron
2. I love watching Hannah Montana with my kids
3. I have a magazine addiction
4. I got kicked out of elementary school - grade 6 cause, "I played with the boys too much"! Beat that!
5. I love me my Entourage and a whole dose of the Real Housewives!
6. I am a PVR addict!
7. I love love Mexican Food!

If you got Tagged, then you are it and one I would like to nominate:

V at
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You are all so wonderful and have helped me during this amazing journey!
Hugs and Kisses!