Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I didn't know whether to cry, scream or smile! I did all three!


I am so proud of myself. 3lbs in less than a week and I did it baby!

If you are just starting out and reading this, you WILL DO IT and you WILL GET THERE! TRUST ME! Its just like getting a new car...takes a bit before you get into the groove and figure the felion out!

I would never have thought this 4 months ago!

4 months, 33 lbs and 71 followers - wow, who knew my life would be like this? I keep saying it over and over...without all of your support, I honestly would not have been able to do this!

I keep thinking in my head where I wanna go my goal weight. I was around 130 when I got married (13years ago) and yeah I looked great but I think it may be too skinny. Oh my did I say that? I even said a size 12 designer would be my goal. My 14 Juicy's are a little lose and I am loving it! So I am thinking 150lbs! Don't even know what I would look like. Its been so DAMN long!

My next goal...5lbs per month and to be 185 by the end of September!

4 months ago I would say to myself that its not realistic - well SHUT the F up baby...cause 180's here I COME!

Hugs and Kisses to a beautiful Wednesday...the sun is shining and my smile is so addicting!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


4 Months and 30lbs! I got on the scale today without realizing that it was my bandiversary! 202lbs! Only 3 away from my goal of ONEDERLAND!

I was so scared to get on it...its just something that is programmed into my head...fear of the damn and dreaded scale! I am working my best trying to conquer that fear! WORKING...

My goal was to get to ONEDERLAND before the end of June...I offically have 1 week and I KNOW I CAN DO IT!

Damn skinnyness feels soooo good. I could just imagine what a skinny bitch feels day!

I am officially wearing my Juicy with pride and my head held up HIGH!

I look into the mirror as I walk by everyday about 5-10 times. I have a big ass one floor one in my living room. Somedays I see the thinner me and somedays I don't. I have to remind myself how well I have done - 30lbs in 4 months - never would have happened on my own!

I still have not told my mom or mother in law...only people that know are my sisters and husband. I am so afraid cause I don't want people thinking I took the easy way out and this is definitely NO EASY WAY OUT! I dream about diving into a pizza or burger or better yet a big ass smokie...not happening! Some days it is so hard for me to register. Definitely a work in progress thing again. Man, I have a lot of WORK to do! Brain work that is!

Getting my pedi done this weekend and my babe and I are going out for dinner to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary!

Oh yeah, my son is going on his first road trip...heading to Whistler with a friend for a hockey tourney. Slightly nervous...stay TUNED!

I could not have done this journey without all you amazing peeps! Have a beautiful Thursday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Does Anyone...

Get a pain on their left side after they eat??????

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still Recovering...

From Vacation. Only a 3 hour time change but I may need a week or so to adjust back! I am tired!

So I got on the scale this morning...of course SCARED! I got on and bam 203! Down a couple of pounds! I was hoping for ONEDERLAND! I need to get back into the excercise regimen! We did a lot of walking but I need to start SWEATING! Kinda craving it. Crazy eh?
I was so worried about getting stuck or having any issues while away...I was lucky enough to get thru the 10 days with only one little glitch. Eating POUTINE at a burger joint in Montreal! I was craving it, hungry and bam. The poor waiter kept asking me if I wanted another meal since I was not eating what was in front of me. No pb'ing or sliming or anything. Just felt tight and had to pace myself.

Our family from Montreal and Toronto said we eat like chickens! Too funny! All the food was so delicious!

Here are some photos...
Downtown Toronto
Downtown Montreal

Gretzky's Winery

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm back....

And missed each and everyone of you! I had no internet access so I couldn't even catch up! Mama's got a lot of reading to do.

Stay tuned for pictures and a POST!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacation Babyy!

Officially starts in 15 minutes!
10 days of no morning crap (getting the kids dressed and out of the house), no laundry, no cleaning up after everyone and no tidying up like a crazy woman!

Yuppers...10 days!

5 days will be spent in Toronto (my son has a hockey tournament) and 5 days will be spent in Montreal! All of my mother in law's family is in Toronto and we have so much fun whenever we visit.

She has never been to Montreal and I am excited to be taking her! She turns 75 this year!

Can't forget the box, I mean big ass box of cookies she has made to ship as luggage! She called me in a panic..."how many bags can we check in?" Priceless!

Don't know how or where I will find a computer...hopefully I will be able to connect somewhere! I will miss all of your daily posts!