Monday, November 29, 2010

BLACK Friday!

We finally got to Seattle at around 10 at night on Thursday! Thankfully!
We settled in and then attempted to get to bed around midnight! The last time I looked at the clock it was 1:15 and we were up at 4:45 AM to attempt the Macy's Black Friday shopping! Well, that was a waste of time! The sales were just not there! Slightly disappointed! Everything I bought was of course "regular price"

I picked up a few new pieces to add to my new wardrobe! I got my Joe's...size 32 - honey boot cut! Lookin good!

I was barely able to eat...due to the pain on my right side and I think I was just nervous to eat in front of 12 other women! They all gave their 5 cents worth and we all narrowed it down to an "ulcer" cause the pain is sudden after I eat. If it were in my liver, it would take longer to digest!

On the flip side, I only spent $60 in 3 days for food and beverages! CHEEEEEP!

So gonna go for my blood tests and then wait to see if anything abnormal comes back and then get back to the doc for additional tests! May have to do that barium thingy!

We finally got back last night around dinner wait at the border - wooohoo and NO DUTY! Cant beat it!

Cant wait to go home and chill tonight....its gonna be a crazy week!

Hope you all had an amazing TURKEY GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Went to the DOC!

And everything looks ok...
I know! CRAZY EH?

He didnt take any fluid out or add any. He said my progress looks great and to just take it easy. If I feel crappy to go back and see him!

I was able to eat yesterday and last night I even had some chicken. Slowly and one bite at a time. The way I am supposed to eat with a band! I have the hemangioma which is a cyst on my liver...and the vomitting has inflamed it and caused me pain! Need to take it one day at a time.

He did give me meds for the nausea in case it is a bug or something and my family doc gave me a referral for blood work!

SO I do feel better and I am taking my time eating...keep you posted!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your support, it is so appreciated!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American PEEPS!
Let the shopping begin!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I called the nurse....

And I am trying to get into see the doc tomorrow (wed)!

She said its very rare for a slipped band and it could just be that I am tight. I told her that I have not had a fill since may and she said with my body changing and even the weather change, it can affect my band. Let's see...keep you all posted!

I am just not liking the nausea, vomitting, chest pain and constipation!

Hope you are all having a better day!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Calling on out to my PEEPS...

Here are my symptoms...

* pressure in my chest and throat
* have not eaten in a couple of days
* what I did eat, came right back out
* constant burping
* i was diagnosed with an hemangioma on my liver cause I used to get this pain and for the last three days it has been constant. every time i eat, i get pain, and then i vomit. i have had ultrasounds and a CT scan.

I have emailed the nurse at the clinic and I am now debating whether to go to the emergency or not.

I am feeling crappy and I need HELP!

Hope you are all doing well!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My niece is going without me...YES without ME!

A whole group of teenagers and their moms for a Show Choir Performance in APRIL.

So...I need some suggestions for a decent priced hotel in a somewhat safe and trendy area/neighbourhood!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Counting the Days...

Till the ladies 3 day weekend of FUN!
I am nervous already about how I will eat and how much people will be watching me.

Lately I have been so tight...dont know why! Finished my TOM. Last night I ate small pieces of meat and it didn't stay down very long! The burping lasted all freakin night! I couldn't even have my hot chocolate. I WAS STARVING!

I did this cause I wanted to be healthy inside and out. It seems I am living on sliders...when will I get there????? I know this band is finicky but come on already, I just wanna eat a decent meal without crazy ass burping and tightness! Will it be soups forever??????

I weighed in this morning and it read 180. Happy but not crazy happy...I know you know what I mean!

Hope you lovvies are all doing well...I may have some time to actually read some of your great blogs this afternoon...when the BOSS is away!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I could SELL tickets!!

For y'all to see me in my designer jeans that are way too low in the back...they ZIP up but the pocket is way too low on my leg/ass and my muffin top is over the TOP! Thinking maybe I bought the wrong cut! I will perservere!!! Gen the hotty has inspired me...I CAN DO IT!

Heading to Seattle for Black Friday in a couple of weeks with 14 of my bestest lady friends...I am bound to find the "perfect" designer jeans!

I did buy myself my "50 lb loss GIFT"...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It only took a little less than 10 months...BUT I LOST 51 lbs and DAMN I feel good!

Starting weight: 232
Today: 181
(Stupid ASS BMI thingy still says OBESE! It can as famously said...SUCK BALLS!)

Its been a crazy few weeks...the party is done and my dad is feeling better! I totally got my husband...had no clue! Mission ACCOMPLISHED!

I do get a little nervous every time I am about to eat in front of anyone and I panic and I get tight and nothing wants to go down! Maybe I have a bug or something...still no TOM! Dont know whats going on...

In Canada we recognize our fallen soldier's and honour them on Remembrance Day which is Nov 11th and we wear our POPPIES proud!

So we all have Thursday off and my boss graciously decided to close on Friday as well! Oh yea! I so need a day of NOTHING! I may not even brush my teeth or shower...just stay in bed and chill ALL DAY LONG! HAHAHAH! Keep you posted!

Hope you are all having a great week!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a crappy night...

Actually WEEK but last night was horrible...sliming, stuck and feeling like total SHIT!

I was so afraid of puking in front of my husband that I had to hide out in the bathroom. Even tried to take a bath to relax me.

I have been barely eating for the last two weeks and then I decide to have a little steak. Well that was so WRONG!

I should have weighed myself this morning!

Planning my husband's big 40th bday for Saturday - maybe the stress and TOM of the month is playing tricks on my body! I haven't had a fill since May and I am TIGHT! IM HUNGRY!

Hope you are all having a better day...