Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Esophageal SPASMS!

Ok, this may be what I have...

I just read Roo's post at and she has this and then of course I went and read online. It has to be it cause I have no stones...after a barium, ct scan and ultrasound, they could not find any rocks or ulcer! I had a couple of months of stress, anxiety, and major pb'g! I sure hope this is the answer that I am looking for...

I see the specialist in March...30th! I had one for next week but I had to postpone since Ill be in Mexico! I know, I know!

I was eating a piece of ham with spice and thats what set the pain off...the last couple of days! Feeling better now! I would say a bland diet has definitely helped!

What is the equivalent of Gaviscon in Canada? Do we carry it?


  1. I have the spasms. Big problem in October but then has calmed down. It helped me to eat a bite or two of food and then wait about 20 minutes (called first bite syndrome). Ask the pharmacist. I've used Zantac pills but also Maalox liquid if you like that lovely minty chalky taste. I usually just suck a couple of tums if I have heartburn. Hope the find out the problem.

  2. I just picked up some that stuff sucks! Hoping it works! Thanks!

  3. Hey!! I will be in PV on the 9th through the 16th!! We will both be there at the same time!

  4. I think the place we are at is called melia puerto vallarta..9th-16th.

  5. Hi, I just got your blog address from someone that posted it on my blog.

    I also suffer from (extreme) esophagus spasm, and was diagnosed with this for about a year ago. There has been little to non things that had effect on me to relive the spasm when they first appears. My medical situation has shifted to try to kill pain instead, rather than remove/calm the symptoms(spasm). The spasm has been quite difficult to stop.

    My blog covers how it is to live with esophagus spasm, and what I've tried to try to relive those painful spasm.

    Hope you find a solution.