Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi y' sorry for my absence! Its been a crazy couple of months!
Just dealing with my dad's health issues (replaced knee) and its been insane!

Its definitely taking a toll on my mom and the whole family!

The weather in Vancouver hasn't been the best but today its sunny and we will take it!

I miss you all and look forward to catching up on how everyone's doing!

Life and the band have been pretty good...a few ups and downs along the way but I dont want to ever be the person I was Feb 23, 2010! One day at a time...

Cheers to all you sexxy peeps!


  1. Good to hear from you! Look how SKINNY you are, (BITCH!)! LOL.

  2. Yeah, you're back. Sorry for all the stuff you've had to deal with. Now I have that song in my head (The Bitch is Back!).

  3. Couldn't e-mail you back as I don't have your e-mail. About the pain. Mine is a dull ache. I don't notice it unless I move around. If you had the U/S it should have seen the gallbladder and if there were problems. I'm only on ibuprophen. My doc did give me an anti-spasmodic but it doesn't do much. Treatment is really surgery. If the pain doesn't get any better, you should just go to the hospital. That way you will get all the tests you need. Good luck. E-mail me at if you like.

  4. Yay you are back!!!! I took a big break as well. Hope to hear more from you!