Friday, August 27, 2010


Not a very exciting title but that is what I am feeling today...

Its been a long excercise and no energy. I am supposed to be getting my (.) but nothing seems to be coming. I guess it wants to wait a little longer. I just don't like weighing when I know its coming. Always adds a few pounds! Crazy I know!

My daughter finishes her camp today and then my son starts a new one next week so there will be more driving around. I have spent so much money on fuel this summer...yes FUEL!

Tomorrow my sis, niece and baby girl are going shopping down south...WOOHOOO! Only to Bellingham but theres a TARGET and TRADER JOE's! Something we dont have here in Vancouver...

Sunday I need to start getting organized for back to school = YUCK! Lunches, homework and notices galore. So not looking forward to it!

Weight and health wise...I have my CT scan booked for Sunday, Sept 19 @ 7:30am! YES! Can you believe that...A Sunday! We have a 40th party the night before. The receptionist told me to drink lots and I asked her if Alcohol counts. She didn't really laugh! WHATEV!

Weigh in day is on Tuesday...190 is the goal!

Hope you are all having a fab day and here's looking to an amazing weekend!


  1. Ahhh back to school. So much to do. Have fun shopping with your sis. Hopefully that will give you a little more pep.

  2. Good luck on Tuesday weigh in!! *~*~*~SKINNY VIBES~*~*~*

  3. TGIF to you too - it really is the BEST day of the week. Sounds like a fun shopping trip planned. Hubby (yes, he's a trooper) and I are taking are 2 girls shopping at the outlets on Sunday for some back to school clothes. Could be fun or could be a disaster - depends on everybody's mood and how many good buys we find. :)

  4. Have a great weekend! Hope the weight loss faeries are good to you on Tuesday.

  5. Um that is so not crazy I don't like weighing in when its coming either! lol Cootos to your for admiting it!! =)

  6. I love shopping... and I can't wait to be skinny enough to really enjoy clothes shopping! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." check out my blog at

  7. Hey I have nominated you for a blog award! Thanks for being the person that you are.