Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travelling sisterhood...

Let me know if you are interested and I will send!

Size 20 Gap Pant!

Size 20 Gap Dress Pant!

Size 20 Gap Boyfriend Jeans!

Size 38 CJ by Cookie Boyfriend Jeans!


  1. Nella, if nobody has claimed the size 20 Gap jeans, I'd take those. I am in a mad search for jeans that a) fit and b) look decent. Email me and let me know. :)

  2. Hi if no one has asked yet I would love the GAP boyfriend jeans....too cute! Here is my email address


  3. Just saw Gilly's comment :) I'll catch it next time! Thanks girl!

  4. Gilly I will send you the gap and Mary I will send you the CJ's!

  5. Thanks girl! I am so excited! Yay for new goal jeans :)

  6. I'm looking everywhere for the IKEA story! :)

  7. OOOHHH I bet those CJs were comfy! I tried on the 32 CJs in my jeans-buying spree...and...they were too big!!! ;) But so comfortable!

    I did make a great discovery - not sure how tall you are, but I was able to wiggle into the Joe's Jeans Provocateur size 32s. The inseam is shorter, like 31" I think. Anyway, they are actually a little bigger in the waist than the 7s, and cute!

    I LOVE the Snookie idea and I was so tempted to do it....except I put on a black wig once before for Halloween and everyone told me how horrible I look as a brunette...I guess I could always be the Blonde Snookie. I have the short and stumpy thing working for me!

    Thanks for the excellent idea!

  8. Hey you I will be in for an appointment on next wednesday..