Monday, October 18, 2010

Where did the weekend go....

Whoever invented a 2 day weekend should have a talking tooooo - PRONTO!

Two days is not enough for me. By the time I wind down, I need another day to just chill, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, drama, hockey, swimming lessons and a little church to cleanse the soul...and mamma needs a lot of soul cleansing!

I weighed in at 186 yesterday but funny cause it was flipping back and forth to 185. I will see it this week...for damn sure! I wanna be 180 before our Annual Black Friday Girls Weekend in Seattle on November 25th! 3 days of, no kids, no husbands, amazing food and then dancing all night with the college boys! You cant beat it!

The house is all decorated for Halloween and I didn't have anything to do with it! My husband and kids - too cute! I even scored a Hanna Montana costume for my chicky poo to wear! She looks so freakin cute! I wanted to be Snooki from Jersey Shore - I may be able to pull it off!

I will post pics soon...I promise! I wanted to do it at my goal which is 60lbs down and that would be 172! Only 14 more lbs!

Hope you all had a FAB weekend! Here's to a sweet week!


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

  2. I like the sound of that girls weekend!

    Thanks for your comments - I could not fit into the other 2 pairs of 32s in 7s -- try the "Dojo" style, it is a little bigger in the thigh and hip. But trust me, they are totally tight. Still, I wore them out twice this week and got a few compliments. Except from my DH who said they made me look "not that fat" (not really a compliment!)

    My next goal is to actually wear the 32s and be able to breathe normally! ;)

    Let's hear it for goal jeans!

  3. I can't believe how well you are doing skinny minnie!! Way to go girlfriend! I agree 2 day weekends are stupid!

    Can't wait for your pics!!