Friday, March 25, 2011

GAS sucks!

Not just the cost of it but the feeling!
Man oh man, last night I was on fire!
Took some Gas-X and even a softener...I know, not the best convo!

What do some of you hotties do for this occurence???

I can actually eat fruit now, so I may have to start incorporating more!

TGIF all you sessy HOTTIES!


  1. you can eat fruit? you mean fruit that hasn't been run through a super duper juicer? Call me jealous!! I don't have that kind of gas... i have the non-stop belching and burping kind of gas... all. the. freakin. time.... gas x does nothing for me, but gaviscon chewables help settle everything down. Hope you find relief soon

  2. I take fiber. I am able to go but got a hellava lot of gass. Beano sometimes works for me.