Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soups,Smoothies and Saltines...

Are getting old!
Down to 152lbs...YEUP! That's 80lbs!
Going for a small unfill tomorrow...a little nervous cause my last one was in May 2010!
I need it...I went to the doc for my GERD and I got some meds - feeling better but I can't eat a solid thing and my whole body hurts! I must be lacking in some sort of nutrients!

Last night I even did the choking waking up thing...scared the crap out of me!

WE are also going to Cali next month and visiting family and I want to be able to eat something...SOMETHING! This isnt the way I wanted to do it and now I feel ready to increase my work out and watch WHAT I eat!

Keep you posted!


  1. Weight loss is great. Unless you have to do it with liquids. Hope the unfill works for you. Maybe it was that flight home from Mexico. Hmmm. That's what happened to me. My nurse said that the liquid/air bubbles can move around in the band and make it tighter. Hope you get relief. It isn't nice being too tight.

  2. Oh no not the waking up choking thing! That is the worst, a sure sign you need some out. Glad you are getting some out.

    152 is unreal!

  3. that does not sounds fun at all..I hear you on the reflux. I have had a night or two like that myself only my day time is a free for all.

    Luck on the unfill..maybe just ask for a little tiny bit?

  4. I'm glad you're getting a little un-fill. The GERD is very miserable!

  5. Congrats on the milestone! And, for going in and getting checked out and considering a bit of an unfill. Hope everything went well at teh doc visit!

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