Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still Recovering...

From Vacation. Only a 3 hour time change but I may need a week or so to adjust back! I am tired!

So I got on the scale this morning...of course SCARED! I got on and bam 203! Down a couple of pounds! I was hoping for ONEDERLAND! I need to get back into the excercise regimen! We did a lot of walking but I need to start SWEATING! Kinda craving it. Crazy eh?
I was so worried about getting stuck or having any issues while away...I was lucky enough to get thru the 10 days with only one little glitch. Eating POUTINE at a burger joint in Montreal! I was craving it, hungry and bam. The poor waiter kept asking me if I wanted another meal since I was not eating what was in front of me. No pb'ing or sliming or anything. Just felt tight and had to pace myself.

Our family from Montreal and Toronto said we eat like chickens! Too funny! All the food was so delicious!

Here are some photos...
Downtown Toronto
Downtown Montreal

Gretzky's Winery


  1. Glad you got some lost pounds from the vacay! Poutine!!!!! How dare you-heart attack on a plate. Can you see I don't like poutine? But almost everyone else I know does.

  2. Wow! Losing weight on holidays is fantastic!

  3. I always feel like I need a vacation after the vacation. :) Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time. Only a few pounds away from ONEderland! It is on the horizon!

  4. I am so envious. I sooo want and need a vacation.. Missed having you around on here...

  5. Congrats on the loss! And what the H is poutine????

  6. Poutine is fries covered with cheese curds and gravy! Yum yum!

  7. I'm officially envious of you! Toronto is one of the funnest cities. And I've always wanted to go to Montreal. Lucky!

    Wow... you're so close to onederland you can almost taste it... ;)

  8. Here's hoping you reach onederland soon...I'm headed to Toronto next weekend...unfortunately during the G8 which we didn't know about while planning our trip. We are headed to Niagara Falls too. Any suggestions on where to go while we're there? I am a new follower, I found you on Carmen's comments. I look forward to reading more about your journey. I was banded on March 23rd, this year. Check out my blog if you like at *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..."

  9. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you now. Curious about the lap band surgery...sounds like you are doing great. Looking forward to following your wonderful progress on the "weigh" to skinny b_ _ _ ch!!