Friday, December 31, 2010


And HOLY bejesus a NEW ME!!

I am down around 65lbs and for the first time in so many years, I do not have to go on one of those dreadfull diets advertised on the telly!!! Now I watch them and think in my head, will those people succeed? Will they keep the weight off? Always in the back of my head, I think this is not a for sure thing and sometimes I just need to be bitch slapped! Why cant I take it and enjoy the ride?? WHY?

My only resolution for 2011...SPEND LESS! Yeup, its my only one and oh so hard to do at times! With two kids and living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, it gets TOUGH! Gas is at $1.22 per litre. Yes you heard right. I sometimes go across the border to fill up and that is about $30 dollars less per fill. Craziness is what it is. Between school tuition, hockey fees, sports fees, drum fees, music fees, mortgage, goes on and on! What's crazy is we can finally enjoy our income somewhat but I think the daily costs are adding up!

Catch 22 - i can finally go into the store at the mall and find clothes off the rack...but I WANT THEM ALL! I love how everything fits so nicely and my BODY IS BACK! Im enjoying it right now cause dammit, I freakin worked hard for this and earned every bit of it!! I guess its one of the sideffects of losing all this weight! Wonder if they would advertise this on the lapband sites! heheheh!

Still dealing with some pain issues when I eat (ulcer?) and I am always worried but what else is new! Taking it one day at a time! My mom thinks I am starving myself! Right! I just dont like eating in front of people!

I have been reading all of your amazing blogs and I am so thankful to have met you day face to face!

2011 is going to ROCK!!!


  1. Isn't it cool knowing you don't have to go on some carzy diet? I love it! Happy new year!

  2. I just did some math to convert the liter to US gallons and it looks like with the current USD/Canadian exchange rate you are paying about $4.62 USD per gallon of gas. We're right around $3.00 USD a gallon in Oregon. If you are close to the border, I can see why you'd head south to fill up. That's really expensive!

  3. Yes! 2011 is going to be good.

    Here's to more weight loss!!! woo hoo!

  4. Isn't shopping fun. But I know how you feel about wanted everything! Your gas is more than ours. We're sitting at $1.15/L. But then you get good weather. Oh heck, we have NO snow on the ground right now. Ottawa without snow? Yup.

    Hope the pain goes away soon. I still get the ache when I eat too much or too fast but never pain.

  5. You are rockin Nella! Kids are expensive...didn't anyone tell you that? Mine are 24 and 20 and they just keep getting MORE expensive!

  6. Way to go you! I hear you on the budgeting. I am trying my best to stay away form the clothing stores as I go in now and find stuff I like all over the place. Back to budgeting for us so we can take a good trip this summer.

    One of these days I will get up your way--I love BC.