Thursday, January 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing...

Did anyone watch this???

Oh my gawd! Craziness...

It was finally nice to hear the last dude say he donated to charity cause who the hell needs all of that food? Almost like a hoarder with an addiction??? Wouldnt you say??

Its a full time job for those people! I get it but why dont the Charities hire these types of people???

Up here in Canada, we dont get those types of store promotions...but I do like deals and clipping out some coupons! Never $5000 for $250!

I also recorded the ABC program last night Celebrity Weight Loss...cant wait to go home and watch that one! Stay tuned...

Down to 166 and still overweight as per the stupid ass BMI thingy! Soon...


  1. Oh, I say screw the BMI charts! That is what my surgeon says too. Just be comfortable in your own skin. You are doing fabulous!

  2. You are doing amazing. Great going girl!

  3. Hey what is up with all your tummy issues. I will be back down there next wednesday.. I am having big issues again.. Not sure what is going on.. But definatley annoyed..