Monday, November 29, 2010

BLACK Friday!

We finally got to Seattle at around 10 at night on Thursday! Thankfully!
We settled in and then attempted to get to bed around midnight! The last time I looked at the clock it was 1:15 and we were up at 4:45 AM to attempt the Macy's Black Friday shopping! Well, that was a waste of time! The sales were just not there! Slightly disappointed! Everything I bought was of course "regular price"

I picked up a few new pieces to add to my new wardrobe! I got my Joe's...size 32 - honey boot cut! Lookin good!

I was barely able to eat...due to the pain on my right side and I think I was just nervous to eat in front of 12 other women! They all gave their 5 cents worth and we all narrowed it down to an "ulcer" cause the pain is sudden after I eat. If it were in my liver, it would take longer to digest!

On the flip side, I only spent $60 in 3 days for food and beverages! CHEEEEEP!

So gonna go for my blood tests and then wait to see if anything abnormal comes back and then get back to the doc for additional tests! May have to do that barium thingy!

We finally got back last night around dinner wait at the border - wooohoo and NO DUTY! Cant beat it!

Cant wait to go home and chill tonight....its gonna be a crazy week!

Hope you all had an amazing TURKEY GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!


  1. It could be gallbladder; apparently some people have problems with it after lapband surgery, hope you get it checked out soon.

  2. I was thinking gallbladder too. Keep us posted.

    How fun to spend the weekend shopping in Seattle! I was up at 4:00 to hit the local sales in Eugene. It is always a little crazy - lol.

  3. is your port on the right? It could be your gall-bladder or your port. Mine hurts when I shop too much, get stressed, eat too much name it and I get port ache.

    good luck figuring it out!! I do love the cheap food thing though! :) More money for shopping.


  4. So how is everything going for you now.. Hope it is better. I am off for some unfill on wednesday.. Ugg I am somewhat annoyed..

  5. So sorry about the problems!!!! You had an ultrasound already, right, otherwise I would say gallbladder.

    And...Congrats on the Joe's! I wanna see them! Pictures please! I find the Joe's fit better than some of the others - love em.