Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a crappy night...

Actually WEEK but last night was horrible...sliming, stuck and feeling like total SHIT!

I was so afraid of puking in front of my husband that I had to hide out in the bathroom. Even tried to take a bath to relax me.

I have been barely eating for the last two weeks and then I decide to have a little steak. Well that was so WRONG!

I should have weighed myself this morning!

Planning my husband's big 40th bday for Saturday - maybe the stress and TOM of the month is playing tricks on my body! I haven't had a fill since May and I am TIGHT! IM HUNGRY!

Hope you are all having a better day...



  1. Well I guess its a good thing to be so tight still seeing your fill was so long ago!! One time I tried to taste a piece of steak ( I don't like steak even) but someone wanted me to try that didn't work!!!

    Thanks for the congrats on getting into the 180's it's very exciting!


  2. I hate that!
    It's been happeneng to me too lately.

    When I'm super tight like you are, I stick with lattes, protein drinks and lots of fluids.
    Feel better!

  3. It's been happening a LOT to me as well lately! I too drink lots of protein drinks just to get something in me that will stay in me!!

    hope it subsides for you soon sweet thing!

  4. oh nooooooooo...... seems strange that you'd have gotten tighter.... from everything i've read on bands it seems if anything to get looser as you get further away from the fill. do you think perhaps a tiny unfill might be in order? You need to eat to stay healthy and keep losing weight properly....

  5. I've had some random tightening at various times. I had my last fill in May too. If it is stress, I meditate and try to calm down. If it is TOM, I try to eat mushies and lots of liquids. Usually it only lasts a few days. How about acid reflux? I had a lot of PBing when I was fighting the reflux even though I didn't feel tight. I would just randomly puke after eating with no stuckness and no full feeling.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. Happy B'day to your hubby. 40s are nice!

  7. Sure hope you feel better for the party. At least you should be able to just drink your food at that!

    After my stucks last week, I can now eat anything and everything. Not sure why the band is so cranky. Now I'm off for a fill. Who da thunk after me being so tight.

  8. Ugh, sorry about the tight band. Mine is never tight anymore. Even TOM. Fill next week!

    Can't wait to see you shimmy into those 7s! I know you will be there any day now!

  9. Had to pb today in a parking garage in the spot next to my car. Not fun. Sorry you are feeling so crappy.

  10. I'm sorry you're so tight, that's no fun at all. I hope everything calms down and that helps loosen things up a bit for you!