Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Counting the Days...

Till the ladies 3 day weekend of FUN!
I am nervous already about how I will eat and how much people will be watching me.

Lately I have been so tight...dont know why! Finished my TOM. Last night I ate small pieces of meat and it didn't stay down very long! The burping lasted all freakin night! I couldn't even have my hot chocolate. I WAS STARVING!

I did this cause I wanted to be healthy inside and out. It seems I am living on sliders...when will I get there????? I know this band is finicky but come on already, I just wanna eat a decent meal without crazy ass burping and tightness! Will it be soups forever??????

I weighed in this morning and it read 180. Happy but not crazy happy...I know you know what I mean!

Hope you lovvies are all doing well...I may have some time to actually read some of your great blogs this afternoon...when the BOSS is away!


  1. I am stuck in the same boat. I have been having trouble eating lately too and am stuck in no-where-land when it comes to weight loss.

    Hang in there. Something good has to come of all of this!

  2. The band can be so annoying! I hope you find some relief and I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend! <3

  3. Sorry you are having such a difficult time. Hope it gets better soon.

  4. been there :) keep at it things will straighten out soon. Save the soups for your trip (so people think you are behaving normally). Try as much as you can to eat regular food but maybe easier to get down? maybe seafoods or chicken and things cut across the grain. If all else fails you can go to beans and tofu?? Sometimes you have to push through the tight stuff in order to get the band to loosen up (fat melts off under that band I guess).

    good luck and have a blast in Seattle!