Thursday, September 16, 2010

It feels like Fall...

In Vancouver and I am kinda liking the cooler temps. Means I get to wear my boots again but this time when I wear my leggings, I LOOK HOT! Yeah, I said it!

I'll take it!

I keep going back and forth with my goal weight...I like seeing the numbers go down but honestly I am feeling pretty comfortable in my skin right now. I like my voluptuous curves and tattas!

I went shopping on Saturday to try on some designer jeans - no such luck! So I am thinking 15 more lbs which will take me to 170. But the main inspiration is the designer jeans...SO I am setting a new GOAL! It means my waist should be 30.5 and my hips 41 inches! A comfortable size 12 Here it is:

Cute eh?
I have never been able to wear a pair and would always see my friends buying and trying and looking fab! NOW ITS MY TURN LADIES! Move I come!

Life's been pretty hectic with back to school and getting into the groove. I just received a call from the school, informing me that my daughter forgot her uniform yesterday at school! ARRRRGGGGHHH! Luckily today was a non uniform day or else I would have lost it this morning!

Another crazy busy weekend ahead....sometimes I wish there were three days!

Hope you are all doing FABULOUS!


  1. I love Fall and by Winter I will be somaller and able to wear some of those cute fashions. I'm so excited.

  2. I can't wait for fall either (in FL it comes a bit late) by the time it comes I'll be able to fit into cute jeans like those!! Congrats!

  3. I love Fall but unfortunately, we don't get much of it here in AZ!!
    BTW - I've been remiss in emailing you but I got the Yummie Tummies!! Thanks! I LOVE THEM!!!!!
    You'll get to those jeans and rock them of course!!!

  4. Love the fall!!!

    Those jeans are HOT!!!

  5. I am a summer only girl but...the mention of boots and jeans has me paying attention :) I never cared about clothes before but it is REALLY FUN now :)

  6. Fall is my favorite season! I love those jeans!!!