Friday, January 7, 2011


I am trying to mean it the most nicest way possible...BUT NO CAN DO!

So here it goes..a convo with my so called best friend:

N: We r trying to save money and eat out less
C: You have no excuses cause someone (my mil) cooks for you 3 days a week
N: Oh yeah I have excuses...2 kids, working full time, hockey, drama, dance, training, drums etc. Should I keep going??? Its non stop! Just wait until your 3 year old has a sibling and they are in school and doing activities.
C: Still wont make a difference cause I wont have anyone to cook for me
N: Yes you will be forced to eat out more cause you wont have time to prep and cook!

No reply after that one...
She gave me freakin chest pains and anxiety! What a total COW!
So freakin jealous, it pains me. Not my fault that I have an amazing MIL and she lives 3 blocks away. We chose to live close to her, to take care of her. They had the option but cause she is a stubborn COW, she lives over 30 minutes away! Oh to be YOU!

Sorry I had to vent...I Heart all you BLOGLAND PEEPS!

My money saving month is not going very well! I ran to the mall last night to pick up something that was a gift and had to be exchanged. Well...we know the end of that one. Low and behold I found a hot looking pair of Fryes! Oh so comfy and oh so on just right! I had to hide them from the FAM cause my kids have such big mouths! Final sale so I could not return and decided to wear them today. LOVE THEM! The only way I could justify is that my bday is next month and any moola I get I will put towards my freakin credit card!

Watched the Dateline Celebrity Diet thing...TOTAL WASTE OF ONE HOUR OF MY TIME!

Here's to a delightful and GREEN ZONE WEEKEND!


  1. With all of that how are you? Birthday on the way..Celebrate it! post Your before and after photos! Put them on the refrig if you can...Thank your MIL for all she does Let her know you value her and all that she does to help make your life easier. Sounds as though your friend is a bit jealous. A good way to deal with that is "Yes, I am lucky and so are you..Lets be glad of what we have. The power of positive thinking.

  2. Bet you are sitting there saying who is this! I am the mom of the author of Chronicals from Band Land. I admire you girls and the way you have taken hold of your lives. Work with the band! exercise and eat healthy. Have a Great Year full of love, a good life and lots of laughter, oh, and weight loss! Be happy!

  3. LOL you totally deserve the Fryes! Pics please! And where are your designer jeans pics?

    I admit, I am totally jealous of your cooking MIL. Of course, I would never say that in an obnoxious way like your BFF.

    Green Zone! I want it!