Monday, January 24, 2011

My WORD....

So I had 5 episodes of Oprah to watch this past weekend...Finally Saturday night I did it! I watched 4 of them...and let me tell you, it was life CHANGING! Yes, you heard right.
I cried and cried...tears of joy, sadness and fear watching each episode and each one had some sort of meaning or revelation. It got me thinking that this woman must be some sort of higher being. No I am not crazy, but I got it! We cant find the true meaning of happiness but we can get close to having peace, love and smiles in our life.
Im always thinking in the back of my head that this (the band) is not forever and it breaks my heart....I need to get rid of that fear and the only way I can is to BELIEVE! So I tried it...everytime I thought negative or scared, I just repeated to myself...BELIEVE and holy moly, it worked! IT WORKED!
I pinch myself cause I cannot believe I have you all in my life to support and guide me. YOU PEEPS get me and thats what ROCKS!
Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. I haven't watched Oprah in years. Her early years were great, but the past few years she kind of got on my nerves - seemed a little to preachy. Maybe she's gotten her groove back for her final year. I'll have to check her out again before it's too late. Believe is a great word. I almost went with that one.

  2. I get you too! And BELIEVE is my word! I couldn't think of a better word. If we don't believe it can happen, it won't. If we do believe, it WILL happen!

  3. Wow they must have been some pretty powerful shows.. But I do believe in the power of words. so I am right there with you.. Good for you!!

  4. Nella, you'd also better BELIEVE how lucky we all feel to have you in our lives, too! (You skinny b*tch, you!!) :) :)

  5. Hi Nella, in response to your question I live in Washington. Words can definitely be very powerful. :-)