Monday, July 26, 2010

FAB Weekend!

It turned out to be a great one...
Friday was my niece's bday.

Saturday we cleaned and then we went out for dinner to a friends house.

Sunday we made a last minute decision and went to a beautiful place about 30 minutes from us called White Rock. It was so nice. I took a ton of pics and I have added some for your viewing pleasure! Another great reason to visit the beautiful province of BRITISH COLUMBIA!

Went home last night and got organized for the week! It was pretty sweet!

Here's to reaching 195 this week. Trying my damndest!


  1. Looks so pretty! Glad you had a great weekend. Good luck on the 195 - you can do it! <3

  2. You'll get it Nella...not to worry!

    In answer to your question, yes, a skinny just means to ask for skim milk instead of the usual 2%. It saves a few calories.

  3. Awesome pics! You'll see 195 - I know it!

  4.'ll get 195...and hopefully I'll be right behind you. Lead the way cupcake, lead the way.

  5. Looks lovely! Thanks for sharing the pics!

    Keep positive; you'll make 195 in no time.

  6. I am positively pea green with envy!! I always wanted to visit BC...You'll be at 195 soon, trust me!!

  7. Gorgeous pics! Looks stunning. I love the summer SO much. Good luck on the 195, it will feel great I'm sure.