Monday, July 12, 2010

Just another manic MONDAY!

Man I could have stayed home today and done absolutely NADDA!
First time in a long time...
I had a semi good but unproductive day yesterday and it drives me a little crazy.

I did wake up and go for my run in the sun...sooo much better to get it over with in the morning and then be able to chill the rest of the day! And that I did. Washed a couple of loads of laundry and then sat out in the sun all my book, did some surfing and then thats it!

I sometimes forget how to relax and I need to train myself to just chill and stop feeling guilty about it. Hard to turn the brain off!

I weighed in at 198 and feeling goooooood!
My sister thinks I look like I weigh way less. Sorry not the deal.

I did create a new bevvie...oh yeah - chocolate, coffee and bailey's milkshake! GOES DOWN SMOOOOOOOOOTH! I could have one for breakfast lunch and dinner!

Oh yeah, remind me about the whole STRAWS issue??????????? Hard to drink without one but I know there is major reasoning behind it!

Kids are in camps this week, need to have my ultrasound for the pain on my right side, dentist and a 40th bday party - 80's style! So its definitely gonna be a crazy one!

Hope you are all having a beautiful start of the week!


  1. Your relaxing day sounds wonderful!
    I think the straw issue is due to the extra air we intake when we suck on the straw.

    That 80's party sounds like fun - be sure to post a photo of your outfit!

  2. I thought the only reason not to use a straw was it takes in air bubbles and make you burp a lot. I didn't know they were "restricted"! What have I done by using a straw!!!

    OK the drink: you had me at Bailey's.

  3. The drink sounds terrific! It's really okay to relax once in a while!

  4. Enjoy the quiet while kids at camp,

  5. You have to clue me in on the straw thing. Did I miss something? Have I been a bad bandster, because I use straws all the time!!

    chocolate, baileys and coffee? Damn that sounds good!

  6. I'm on my way to your house for one of those drinks! That sounds YUMMY. I haven't heard the sraw thing either. I have definately used one since being banded.

  7. I remember reading about straws and extra air...It is hard to many things come with straws. :)

    Relaxing days are the best! Enjoy the quiet week!

  8. I have used straws.. didn't really notice anything.. yum to your new drink.. and go skinny.. get to those 180's.. good for you for getting the PE out of the way early so you can enjoy the day!

  9. 198 is so so so great! Keep it up sweets!

  10. I'd kill for a weight starting with a jealous. Have been floating between 202 - 204 for 2 weeks now.