Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's Better Than A Fill???

Oh yeah, you heard right....


My last fill was on May 6th and right now I am feeling more tightness than ever. Finally hitting 30 degree temps in the beautiful city of VANCOUVER!

Let's not forget the whole IKEA fiasco...(as per Jack Shit - the toilet is where its AT! Next time!)

Last night I had two bites of my slider and holy tightness mamma - I had to bring it back up. Sounds gross eh?

Weigh in was this morning but the rush to get the kids out...didn't happen! Will attempt again tmr morning!

Ok, I have to tell you all about my acupuncture story from yesterday...

I went to acupuncture yesterday (straight out of a Seinfeld episode) and she asked me what kind of food I liked..I said Italian…OOOOH, big tummy – oily food – then she looked at my butt cause of my sciatica and she thought my big ass shelf was swollen…UMMM no, it’s just my ASS! I was there for over an hour and a half. Massage, needles, pressure and cupping…READY? $55 dollars! My mouth dropped! AHHH, you cummm back??? HELL YA! I just kept asking myself what she would have thought of me over 30lbs ago...



  1. Ok, so I am guessing that by 30 degrees you have to be talking in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. If it really is below freezing, can i come live with you? It's freakin' 90 degrees here in Florida! Yuck!

    That is a kick ass price for all those treatments. Lucky duck!!

  2. A lot of people are saying the heat is making them tighter.. it must also have something to do with the humidity b/c I pretty much live ON THE SUN here in AZ and the heat does nothing to my band, but when I was in the oppressive Mexican heat, I was tight, tight, tight..
    That is amazing for those treatments.. I'd go back every day!!! :)

  3. I realized the same thing about the heat and started to blog about it but decided not to because I couldn't figure out why this would be true.. SO I am glad that you posted this.
    Tell me more about the acupuncture.. did it work.

  4. Hmmm, now I'm worried about getting surgery and having my band too tight right off the bat since it is so freaking hot here.

  5. It's a hundred degrees in New Jersey and I couldn't buy me some restriction if I had a million dollars.

  6. Interesting about the heat...I usually get tighter with the cold... love the acupuncture story :)