Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm losing....


I am so blessed to have a ton of it...but this morning I looked in the mirror and I noticed a patch...of SKIN! Yes, it freaked the shit out of me. What's worse is I am even having nightmares every freakin night about going bald!!!!!!!!!!

I know its expected but in the back of my brain I thought it wouldn't actually happen to ME! Craziness!

I remember after my two c-sections the hair came out but this is getting to be too much. I NEED SOME FEEDBACK...

My restriction has also loosened somewhat...Its been almost 3 months since my last fill and I was gonna wait until I got back from my vacation in August. See how it goes...

Yesterday this is what I ate...

Breakfast: 1 cup of fruit, yogurt and oats
Lunch: 1 cup of chicken salad
Snack: Mini Peanut Butter Cup (TOM)
Went for a run and then came home and had an iced latte
Dinner with friends...finally at 8 the food came - Piece of pecan crusted salmon, with mashies and asparagus. Ate it all! No appie size meal for me. Then had some cheesecake for dessert. Shared it and there was a lot left on plate!
No alcohol!

Yesterday I went to go weigh myself and the damn scales' batteries were done and it showed me 179 all the way to way JOSE! 10-20lbs in a week! I wish...well not really!

So then this morning I didn't do my usual loo routine and there is no way I get on without going to the loo first. Oh my gawd, I just realized how crazy I sound after I read what I just wrote! Definitely one of my many idiosyncrasies! Anyhoo...tomorrow morning will be weigh goal for July is 195...I CAN DO IT!

Hope you are all having a FAB FRIDAY and cheers to an amazing weekend!
God bless!


  1. Hey Chicka.. my understanding is that we all go through this.. but I have read that protein intake could affect.. how about trying to sprinkle some whey protein in some of your meals or give your self a booster protein drink and see if that helps.

  2. I have no advice for you here - it STINKS. My shower constantly has a little fur baby in the drain. I'm 14 months from surgery. It seems to go in phases. Don't worry though, you are not going to go bald! :)

  3. I guess I am lucky because I haven't had any hair loss...are you taking a multivitamin and getting all the stuff you need each day? I take a flintstones vitamin every day and eat pretty healthy, so maybe that helps?

  4. Oh honey - how frustrating. I hope the other bandsters have some advice for you!

  5. I have been taking Biotin since before surgery. It really seems to be helping. However, I am only 2 months post op....maybe it hasn't hit me yet. Good luck!

  6. Biotin didn't help me and I know Barbara told me it didn't help her. BUT... maybe it will help you. Still picking the hairs out of the drain. My hairdresser also told me to try fish oil. I didn't but maybe it helps.

    And your eating is great. Didn't you just have a vacation. Not sure it's acceptable to have another one so soon. LOL. But I did notice you didn't have a drink with dinner so... that means I will drink one for you. Yeah. I am back to normal after my tiny little unfill. Isn't this band great. You can so be 185 by September. But seriously, can I have your scale. It seems possessed (or drunk).

  7. I have a TON (and I mean a TOOOOOOOOON) of hair so part of me has kinda looked forward to it being a little thinner. Then again, I don't get to control where it comes out, and I certainly don't want a big bald spot on the top of my head! I lose a decent amount of hair almost every time I shower, even before surgery. I think it's pretty normal. That said, I'm getting a ridiculous amount of protein and taking biotin as well. Who knows. Biology is a tricky subject...

  8. I've been losing hair for a while now and hate it. I know that it's something most of us experience but it't super frustrating. I take a Biotin supplement everyday along with my daily multi-vitamin. I've also started using the Nioxin hair care products. Don't know if it's really making a difference but in the last couple of weeks the hair loss doesn't seem as bad but it's still happening. I'm also paying attention to my protein intake to make sure I'm consuming enough.

    Hope it goes away soon for you!

  9. I lost a bunch of hair - yep, freaked me out big time. I have a lot of hair and nobody else seemed to notice, but one day my hairdresser mentioned that I seemed to have less hair. DEFINITELY freaked me out. I went to the doctor and she ran basic tests and everything was "normal", so I just moved on and focused on losing weight and tried to ignore the hair. HA! The good news - it was temporary. It slowed and then eventually stopped. My hair eventually returned to it's "usual" amount.

    Glad you enjoyed my post and here's to you hitting your July goal!


  10. I'm still pre-op, so no advice for you, but I wanted to touch base. Much of my hair has fallen out due to various medications -- I am not looking forward to this part of the process!

    Thanks for the follow. I'm following you back!

  11. I lost hair for 6+ months, and now it's back. I had some friends that were more concerned about my hair than my weight. Funny. But, your hair will grow back. Just make sure you're taking your vitamins, that's the only thing that really has been proven to help. That's all I did.

  12. Somehow I mostly missed the hair loss thing. It was about the same as after pregnancy - not too bad. I think because I sucked down so many protein shakes. But you will get yours back! Vitamins and protein!

    You can totally do 195! Your eating sounds about the same as mine. I wonder if I need a little fill?

  13. From my experience and what I've heard from other bandsters, the hair loss will stop on its own and it all comes back. Don't worry!! For me, biotin seemed to work. I bought capsules at GNC and would open them and pour the powder into some water and drink it. (Biotin has no real flavor, so it's not gross.) Definitely give it a try!