Sunday, July 4, 2010

I've Fallen In Love...

With my NEW BODY!

I can't stop looking in the mirror and who knew I would love my bones sticking out in places I can't remember even existed!

I just about passed out this morning...trying on my size 32 Juicy Skirt! IT FIT! I never thought this new life would exist for me. I was so obsessed with the way I looked...and I hated myself for it! I lost control of ME! Now I am back and back in full force baby!

I keep saying I wish I had done it sooner but sooner we were not financially stable and we would not have been able to afford it. It would have been so much more stressfull...trying to lose weight and figuring out a way to pay for it!

I get scared sometimes like something will happen to the band and it will have to be removed but I have to remind myself that everything is going to be ok. Its like its too good to be TRUE! IS IT? Can I be happy, skinny and feel good about myself? My mom is a major worry wort and I have inherited this trait! I know, LUCKY ME!

I have two confessions....

1. I was at Ikea the other day, had two bites of those damn hotdogs that are so good and CHEAP and I felt the tightness....ready? I was with my daughter, could not make it to the loo and I had to vomit in one of the display kitchen sinks! CAN ANYONE BEAT THAT?? You should have seen my daughter's face...luckily she is only 6 and hopefully forgot about it pretty fast! To make matters worse a family was coming by to see the kitchen and I had to quickly cover it up! Who said this was the easy way out???

2. A few years back, we had very little money and I was attempting another magic weight loss system - LA Weightloss...Anyone hear about this? Well I had to pay a ton of money up front and I didn't have I pawned my gorgeous gold necklace and bracelet that my mil gave me for my engagement. I think about it all the time and it hurts me. Needless to say I could never wear it cause it was too tight around my FAT neck but now it would look gorgeous! It hurts my feelings when I think about it. I have not told anyone and I know all you beautiful people will understand my pain.

I do feel better....

Happy 4th of July to all you sessy ladies and gents south of the BORDER!

My ONEDERLAND goal gift you ask?

Here it is...In a SIZE medium which is equivalent to a 6-8 - which I will be sporting in Mexico next Spring - SKINNY BITCH STARDOM here I COME!


  1. So happy you love the mirror! Funny, but I work across from IKEA and the other day was looking at the sinks in the display kitchen. Did you know they aren't hooked up to water or the drain. When I opened the cupboard, the drain is just stopped up. Egads-wait until the staff see that sink with the hotdog in the drain! I will admit I was tempted to get the hotdog but knew it wouldn't go down. Now after your episode, no way will I even try. And they are so cheap. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Isn't it nice to walk by a mirror and not turn away?

    LOVE IKEA! Your story is too funny! Okay, I will now stay away from the hotdogs I bought for this weekend. I don't have a fill yet, so I figured it would go down okay. :)

    I feel your pain about the jewelry. You are on the right track now. :)

    Is this a picture of an actual swimsuit you ordered? I LOVE it! Can you tell what store? I may need one. (Not is a NEED).

    Happy Holiday weekend for Canada and the US!

  3. I love IKEA hotdogs, they just don't fill you up at all though. Vomiting in a display unit though - it must have been embarrassing at the time but MAN is it a good anecdote!

  4. I totally understand - I'm a little obsessed about my collar bones right now. :)
    Hot dog are OK with me with no bun, but what fun is that? I love your onderland gift - you'll be a diva in Mexico.

  5. Oh gosh - that suit is to die for! I'm so happy about you loving your body. I think your next goal gift should be a necklace just like the one she bought you.

  6. Posts like this make me less nervous about my surgery on Friday and more excited. THANK YOU! It's been so long since I liked what I saw in the mirror or enjoyed getting ready to go out. I miss that so much.

  7. Whoo-hoo, Nella! So happy for you. I understand loving your new bod, too--I can stop feeling up my hips, collarbones and ribs. It's a tick practically!

    Love the Ikea story--needed that laugh today! I hate that you still feel pain over having to pawn that jewelry. I understand the sense of desperation, though...all too well.

    Such a cute suit!


  8. Well, congrats to you, honey! I love the suit and the Ikea story! So sorry about your jewelry.

  9. Wow, what a funny story. Glad you are meeting all your goals. Suit is so pretty. Have a great week, and remember, no hot dogs for you. LOL

  10. i literally lol'd! that's amazing nella... and how your feeling is SO amazing too, makes me so happy for you! i love the suit, where's it from?

  11. so happy for you about your weightloss. vi will be banded on Thurs and that is my biggest fear getting stuck in public hehe. At the moment it happens must be the most emberasing, but afterwards it's a laughfable situation :-). Btw love the suit!

  12. Just checking in.. I have been so busy.. I have not posted in a while.. You are doing awesome. I am almost down to what you started out as.. LOL.. You are doing soooo awesome. I love that little outfit.. Toooo cute....

  13. You are just rockin the weight loss!! Way to go. Getting stuck in public is no fun, but i died reading your story. How funny!!! You will be smokin hot in mexico!!!

  14. I did LA weightloss too, your story made me sad. When I think of all the desperate things I've done to lose too. Flash forward to today... I'm so happy for you and can't wait to be there too! Thanks for taking time to comment on my blog, you always make me feel better.

  15. I was a step away from LA Weightloss... I did about everything else but that one... Medical Weightloss was my last go at it and I paid $1200 up front for that. We all see where that got me! :)

  16. Nella, that is so awesome -- enjoy every minute!! And, that is the worst (and yet . .funniest!) PB situation I've heard of! OMG, in the IKEA sink?! Classic! The good news? Next time you go there, you'll be such a skinny b- - - - that they won't recognize you! :) Hee hee :)

  17. Congrats on Onederland!! I cannot top the IKEA story. Ever.

  18. You shouldn't have vomited in the display sink, dummy; use the display toilet!

    Congrats on your success.

  19. So happy you are feeling so fabulous in your own skin! Funny, I have sold jewelry I never wore to get the money to buy diet pills years ago! Sad but true. I feel ya!

  20. Ikea!

    So funny!

    Laughing so much. I totally get you!