Sunday, May 9, 2010

Does Anyone...

Get the pain in their left shoulder/side??


  1. Yup. Had it for the first month after surgery. Now I sometimes get it if I eat too much. More of an ache which goes away after an hour or two. My guess was it was referred pain from the band.

  2. If I eat to much I get it still. But yeah the first month of surgery it hurt...

  3. Yep, I had left shoulder pain for a few months-- on and off. It was worst for the first 4 weeks after surgery. I haven't had it for a while (My surgery was in January 2010.)
    It is from irriation in your diaphragm after the surgery and does improve!

  4. It seems continuous now...I guess my diaphram is irritated just likes it mommy!

    Does it have anything to do with the HEART??