Thursday, May 20, 2010


That's right ladies and gentlemen...25lbs as of today and my 3 month bandiversary! I cannot remember the last time I felt this great and so damn comfortable in my own skin!

So what has happened in the last 3 months...started my two week pre-op on Feb 10th, had surgery on the 24th and asked myself what the hell did I get myself into...did not want to deal with the pain. Low and behold I survived! I have not looked back since! Slow and steady weightloss.

First fill April 6th - again scared shitless and of course not required - again I survived! Lost some more poundage...slow and steady. Then I did the 30 challenge - 30 days, 30 minutes of excercise a day - whipped my ass in shape! Hell ya!

Second Fill May 5th to 6cc's and its been lovely ever since...actually I lied - control wise, very good but had a few pb episodes and left chest shoulder pain - again I survived. Feels like my sweet spot but I know I will want a fill down the road. Will wait it out. I need to remind myself that this is NOT a game and more of a whole lifestyle change...slow and steady! Just the way momma likes it...if you know what I mean!

Ooops I forgot...during all this transformation, there has been a lot of tooting and more tooting and more tooting! Nice eh! My GAS-X is my friend. Who would have known. I definitely miss my s shaped bowel movements. Doesn't get any better than that!

Excercise has been ok...not overly aggressive but back with the trainer and she is gonna kick my ass. I am scared as I type this! How can a skinny little bitch be so damn powerful????

Its Victoria Day weekend here in beautiful British Columbia and of course Canada! Sandy from gave the best history/backup - MAY 2-4! Hell ya, its when the patio furniture, bbq's, food and alcohol come out of the closets and we are officially in Spring and getting ready for a HOT and SUNNY summer! But of course we are at the rink today...the finals for the hockey tourney. So proud of my son...he is rocking it! They WON gold!! Yey!! We are heading to Toronto next week for the Ronald McDonald Tournament. Its gonna be a blast!

Again a shout out to all of you...56 followers and you are all so special. I could not do this without you. You have been a blessing! Have a fantabulous day and enjoy the SUN!


  1. Congrats! You are doing great!

  2. sounds like life is good, and thats all one can ask for :)

  3. You are doing awesome!! I need to get in one of those 30minutes a day things, I'm being such a slacker!

  4. Awesome weight are doing great!!!

  5. I wish we were going to Toronto! One of my favorite places for hockey stuff! You'll have a blast. Ive been trying to talk my hubs into heading there over the Fourth of July cause Canada Day in Toronto is so much fun!
    Nope- the tournie we are going to will be in Duluth, MN. Still three hours from Canada.

  6. Yeah congrats on the 25 lbs. I am thinking of going for a little hike today nothing major as I am wearing my lovely flip flops. Take care my friend.