Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh my gawd...

What's my new addiction with SHOPPING! Hello???

I am finding deals online like MAD and I get all excited about getting the package and then trying it on!

I think I need help...instead of being obsessed about food 24/7, I am turning to SHOPPING! Ah hello credit cards and craziness! I have always loved to shop but now with the better bod, things fit...designer WEAR! PRICEY designer WEAR$$$$$$$$$$$ I am afraid my CC might BLOW UP!

How do I stop? Gen, any suggestions?? I remember you and the bras and VS, Jcrew and Athleta!

Is there a book on this??

Do I not deserve the new clothes? I have been wearing crappy PLUS SIZE - non designer wear for years and always dreamed of fitting into "regular" clothes! I am even buying soon sizes and clothes I can take in when!

Someone PLEASE justify this for me or tell me STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think your hubby should turn off the modem. No internet access. Egads! Do you want to Stop?

  2. I do it at WORK and have the stuff shipped here! If he only KNEW! Its so quiet right now and there isn't anything to do than surf the NET! HELP!!

  3. It's starting to level off with me a bit but it's hard because it creates a nice cycle of wt loss, buy to celebrate, distract self to not overeat, more wt loss, buy to celebrate and on and on........

  4. How about plan on one great purchase for every goal. I just think it's a shame to buy all that clothes that will not fit in a few months. Think about how much new clothes you will need at a size 10 or even 8!

  5. Are you mad woman? I am not going to tell another woman NOT to shop! I'd have to cut my own tongue out and then I couldn't inhale Little Debbies. No way. Nu uh - no way. Keep shopping. Have fun. You deserve it.

    Oops...that didn't help did it?

  6. That's a tough one. As I've dropped a few sizes and can shop at regular stores for some things it's a challenge sticking to a budget. I do have a budget though, otherwise it would get out of control quickly. I can understand how great it is to have your shopping horizons expand so have fun, but not too much!

  7. Good for you-- I find it hard to go shopping on some level, knowing I will grow out of clothes and need to get more. I am trying to buy interim stuff so I am fitting into my clothes b/c baggy stuff just adds weight on to your appearance.
    The best thing: CLOSET shopping!! Have you tried this game? Go look in there and find out if you have smaller sizes that you gave up on years ago and see if they fit now.

  8. Onlne purchasing is sooo dangerous. :) I once had an ebay spree that scared the online shopping right out of me. I vowed to only go into a store for my goods (except books and vacations...).

    Ill do your Algebra if you give me the stats.


  9. My solution is a smaller limit on my credit card. I only get to shop if I have the cold hard cash in hand.. But man I had fun at a few stores the other day... Got me some sunglasses, new hoody and pants, mac makeup, hmmm what else.. Not sure. LOL.. So I guess that will not help. LOL.. Especially when I hit the 100 lbs gone and I show up at your house to have you take me shopping...

    I say it you are ok financially and it is not causing any issues then shop away..