Friday, May 7, 2010

Slightly irritating...

Ok, love Bertinelli but come on...she is driving me insane with her Jenny Craig ads! Now she has added Sara Rue to the mix...and don't forget George Costanza from Seinfeld - what's his name!

Yeah, I know she has done it the conventional way but who in the world can live off that food??? I tried it and lasted 5 days!!! Enough with the ads already!


  1. I think Kristy Alley pretty much proved it's almost impossible to keep weight off the 'traditional way'.

    I love my band :-)

  2. I swear I am not one of those self righteous vegan types without a tv who thinks TV rots your brain, but, I don't watch tv and haven't for about a year.

    The downside is that I don't know who characters are from up and coming tv shows or the general outline of said shows, but the upside? NO FUCKING FOOD OR DIET COMMERCIALS. Now on the rare occasion I do go into the tv room when jarrett's watching I feel bombarded with all those luscious, delciously disgusting food ads!!!

    And then that freaking VB comes on right after, as I am fighting a major impulse to run into the kitchen, and starts nattering about her diet.

    It's awful! I think TV definitely contributed my old patterns of night eating....