Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's EASY!!!!

Its been a long time since I have heard those words...ACTUALLY I have never heard them till NOW! Yes, I went for my second fill today and it was wham bham thank you mam!! The doctor said I was easy. The nurse and I had a laugh cause it took me all this time and money to finally be EASY! So he went in and said there were actually 5cc's but the last time I was there, he confirmed 4cc's. WTH did the 1 cc come from?? So now he put me up to 6cc's.

I've been afraid to eat any solids just in case! Its been liquids. Had a yummy strawberry banana vivanno smoothie from Starbucks and then I made a delish corn chowder. Filled it with everything. red peppers, corn, bacon, potatoes, onion and cod. I had a bowl full but still felt hungry so for dessert I had an ice cream cone. Went down with no problems. Will see how the morning goes when I am usually tighter. Tomorrow night is dinner at my MIL's and her food isn't as band friendly and of course I haven't told her!

Its finally beautiful in I go to enjoy some time with my kiddies.


  1. HA - funny - so happy it went well for you!

  2. Easy! Hope this fill is the ticket!

  3. OMg- you're in Van? I'm on the island in Victoria. Who was your surgeon? And what size are you, maybe we can do clothing exchange?

    Alright.... calming down. Deep breaths. Just so excited that you're so close!

    That soup sounded delish, am inspired to make something like that this weekend...

  4. Glad your fill went well! I am afraid to eat solids every time. You never know! hehe

  5. So both my sisters move from Vancouver back to Ontario so I have no excuse to come visit! Hope the fill smooths out and you get that sweet spot. Still working on mine but am hopefull that I'm close.

  6. WOW girl I wish we were scheduled around the same time. I am only at 4.5 now and can defiantly tell I am out of the green zone.. But feels great to be able to eat without pain. Take care and enjoy that fill... You are rocking it..