Friday, May 14, 2010


My mind is so focused on this weight loss and taking care of myself that my drive has no more power! CAPUT! GONE! NADDA! BYE BYE!

36 years old and damn I am supposed to be in my PRIME! Like a nice juicy tender piece of prime rib baby! NOPE!

What the hell?

I am just exhausted and when I get to bed, I am OUT! I guess they are just excuses and I should attempt to make an effort.

The last few times after we have done the DEED, my port hurt! Yes, MY PORT! I know I can be creative (get your heads out of the gutter) but sometimes...just not in the MOOD!

Is there VIAGRA for women???? Will it hurt my heart???



  1. I can't say anthing about a viagara for ladies, but I know when I got on Mirapex for my restless leg syndrome, it jacked up my libido something fierce!!

  2. Oh don't worry honey.. it will come back.. even this old race horse is good in the saddle now.. I feel sexier. The port pain will go away and that sexy kitten will be ready to play

  3. I personally believe the viagra for women is relaxation! Although sex can be a great stress reliever. Sigh. Your port pain should resolve, so at least you can expect that part to get better. You'll get back into the swing of things. Especially when you're feeling skinny and sexy. You're husband may be shocked by the new you...

  4. Hmm my libido came roaring back to life at about 6 months post op. It totally took me by surprise. I was like, "um, hi, who are are YOU?"

    Maybe you're body is still adjusting, esp. if the port still gets tender, and once the hormones from wt ls and surgery level off you'll be back to your old, frisky self!

  5. OH, I forgot to tell you where we're seeing RATT. Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Strange, but true...