Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ok, how do I eat a piece of probs and then a couple of hours later I try and take a bite of sushi and then bam it goes downhill from there right into the toilet! Yup...happened last night and tonight. Had a bit of rice and was a way no go!! Had to throw up to relieve the pressure.

Doesn't help that I am eating out both times with friends that have no clue that I have had the surgery. I get stressed just thinking about it. I know its only 3 months in and my body will eventually adjust but it seems like every meal is a test. What works and what doesn't! WHO knew I could easily throw up!! Oh my!! I also dont want to be hurting/damaging my esophogas or anything.

Looks like rice and pasta are OUT! But hold on...I had some pork dumplings last night and no probs! WTF?? Who said this was easy??

This is what I ate:

Tall Vanilla Latte and a biscotti
Junior Chicken Burgen (took about half an hour to eat)
Piece of Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Some Veggies and Dip
Chocolate cupcake
Chocolate eclair

Wow, not a great food day at all!

Could I be too tight or is the stress making me tighter??


  1. I know a lot of people do have a problem with rice and can never eat it. I personally have no problem with it, but I definately know it is a major problem for lots of bandits. That may be all it is, but stress can definately also make you tighter, so you'll have to decide which it is for you. Not nice for you when you're eating out with friends tho...:0(

  2. It could have been the rice or the stress. When I'm feeling stressed or rushed to eat my band feels tighter.

    Sorry you had to deal with this, hun!

  3. It definitely could be stress - I know it does it for me. Sorry you're having so much trouble. I know that rice does cause problems for many people. I can almost always get thin pizza down(unfortunately) even at my tightest.
    Hope your tummy calms down a bit.

  4. I wish there was a definative answer, I personally cannot eat pizza (unless its extremely thin) so I would say you probably aren't too tight. BUt I also think that restriction on the band totally depends on you, how tight do you want to be? Sometimes its not that you are too tight, it may be that you are too tight for you right now. Maybe you have not yet adjusted to that tightness, if you are not commfortable with the restriction then I would say get a little taken out. You know your body better than anyone else, you just have to trust yourself

  5. The band can definitely be confusing, but I've read in a lot of posts that stress can definitely effect that band.

  6. My vote is it's stress. Sounds like besides rice and pasta, you're able to get things down when you slow down? I'm still learning about my band...

  7. I definitely agree with the other posters.. Stress tightens things up.. also I find that if I had a PB event the day before.. it is easy does it for a while..reading about the choc eclair put evil thoughts in my diet plan.. hang in there.. I think it really does take about a year to figure out how this band will work for us

  8. I hate stress. Feeling pretty stressed out myself right now.. Long story there. I am hoping to get down for a bit of a fill in a week or soo.. But anyways.