Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

To all my peeps south of the border!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ok, how do I eat a piece of probs and then a couple of hours later I try and take a bite of sushi and then bam it goes downhill from there right into the toilet! Yup...happened last night and tonight. Had a bit of rice and was a way no go!! Had to throw up to relieve the pressure.

Doesn't help that I am eating out both times with friends that have no clue that I have had the surgery. I get stressed just thinking about it. I know its only 3 months in and my body will eventually adjust but it seems like every meal is a test. What works and what doesn't! WHO knew I could easily throw up!! Oh my!! I also dont want to be hurting/damaging my esophogas or anything.

Looks like rice and pasta are OUT! But hold on...I had some pork dumplings last night and no probs! WTF?? Who said this was easy??

This is what I ate:

Tall Vanilla Latte and a biscotti
Junior Chicken Burgen (took about half an hour to eat)
Piece of Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Some Veggies and Dip
Chocolate cupcake
Chocolate eclair

Wow, not a great food day at all!

Could I be too tight or is the stress making me tighter??

Friday, May 28, 2010


Tonights the night...Sex In the City! 16 of us going. Ressies are for a modern and hip asian fare restaurant in Vancouver's trendiest neighbourhoods - Yaletown! And then off to see at 10:45! Sold out...

Hope everyone gets to go out and enjoy themselves this weekend!
My sweet hubby is in Vegas...miss him terribly. 2 More sleeps...2 more sleeps!


1. If you could be a flower, which one would it be and why?

Peonies...gorgeous and absolutely breathtaking...UMMM just like me!

2. Which Sex and The City Character do you most relate to?

Definitely Carrie!
A little Mr.Big and the best walk in closet in the world never hurts!

3. If you had a crystal ball or could know one thing about the future - what would it be?

My kids and husband and I are healthy and happy till we are in our 90's!

4. What's your biggest fear in your weight loss journey?

It will make me sick or it will have to be taken out!

5. Whose blog or comment spoke to you the most this week and why?

Sandy Lee and her love life!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I need some help...

The last two days i have thrown up. Ate pasta both times...
It comes up so easy...
Not myself health wise and a little stressed! Feeling a little under the weather - headache and stomach aches!
Any suggestions??

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who said this was the EASY way???

Today has been a horrible day for me. Gas pains galore, stomach irritability and then bam, I just threw up again. Don't know what the hell is going on but today is not a good one.

Sometimes it is just so damn frustrating, I wanna scream!

Sucks cause yesterday I was celebrating 25lbs gone and today I am upset! All the crazy ups and downs of bandland!

I have a headache now...gonna go lay down!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


That's right ladies and gentlemen...25lbs as of today and my 3 month bandiversary! I cannot remember the last time I felt this great and so damn comfortable in my own skin!

So what has happened in the last 3 months...started my two week pre-op on Feb 10th, had surgery on the 24th and asked myself what the hell did I get myself into...did not want to deal with the pain. Low and behold I survived! I have not looked back since! Slow and steady weightloss.

First fill April 6th - again scared shitless and of course not required - again I survived! Lost some more poundage...slow and steady. Then I did the 30 challenge - 30 days, 30 minutes of excercise a day - whipped my ass in shape! Hell ya!

Second Fill May 5th to 6cc's and its been lovely ever since...actually I lied - control wise, very good but had a few pb episodes and left chest shoulder pain - again I survived. Feels like my sweet spot but I know I will want a fill down the road. Will wait it out. I need to remind myself that this is NOT a game and more of a whole lifestyle change...slow and steady! Just the way momma likes it...if you know what I mean!

Ooops I forgot...during all this transformation, there has been a lot of tooting and more tooting and more tooting! Nice eh! My GAS-X is my friend. Who would have known. I definitely miss my s shaped bowel movements. Doesn't get any better than that!

Excercise has been ok...not overly aggressive but back with the trainer and she is gonna kick my ass. I am scared as I type this! How can a skinny little bitch be so damn powerful????

Its Victoria Day weekend here in beautiful British Columbia and of course Canada! Sandy from gave the best history/backup - MAY 2-4! Hell ya, its when the patio furniture, bbq's, food and alcohol come out of the closets and we are officially in Spring and getting ready for a HOT and SUNNY summer! But of course we are at the rink today...the finals for the hockey tourney. So proud of my son...he is rocking it! They WON gold!! Yey!! We are heading to Toronto next week for the Ronald McDonald Tournament. Its gonna be a blast!

Again a shout out to all of you...56 followers and you are all so special. I could not do this without you. You have been a blessing! Have a fantabulous day and enjoy the SUN!

Monday, May 17, 2010

T minus 10 days...

Sex in the City 2! Oh yeah...let's get this party started!
There are 10 of us going...dinner and a HOT MOVIE!
Of course somewhere sleek and hip!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The only Canadian team left in the playoffs...yeah on the East Coast but we are still ro oting for them! We are also heading to Toronto and Montreal in a few weeks so hoping the playoffs are still ON! Happy Sunday all your GORGEOUS HOTTIES!

Friday, May 14, 2010


My mind is so focused on this weight loss and taking care of myself that my drive has no more power! CAPUT! GONE! NADDA! BYE BYE!

36 years old and damn I am supposed to be in my PRIME! Like a nice juicy tender piece of prime rib baby! NOPE!

What the hell?

I am just exhausted and when I get to bed, I am OUT! I guess they are just excuses and I should attempt to make an effort.

The last few times after we have done the DEED, my port hurt! Yes, MY PORT! I know I can be creative (get your heads out of the gutter) but sometimes...just not in the MOOD!

Is there VIAGRA for women???? Will it hurt my heart???


Thursday, May 13, 2010



I went with the skinny chearleader as my pic of the day! Thought it would be appropriate!

You have all been a blessing in my life and if it weren't for blogland, I would have been LOST!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh my gawd...

What's my new addiction with SHOPPING! Hello???

I am finding deals online like MAD and I get all excited about getting the package and then trying it on!

I think I need help...instead of being obsessed about food 24/7, I am turning to SHOPPING! Ah hello credit cards and craziness! I have always loved to shop but now with the better bod, things fit...designer WEAR! PRICEY designer WEAR$$$$$$$$$$$ I am afraid my CC might BLOW UP!

How do I stop? Gen, any suggestions?? I remember you and the bras and VS, Jcrew and Athleta!

Is there a book on this??

Do I not deserve the new clothes? I have been wearing crappy PLUS SIZE - non designer wear for years and always dreamed of fitting into "regular" clothes! I am even buying soon sizes and clothes I can take in when!

Someone PLEASE justify this for me or tell me STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My heart and condolences...

Goes out to Jacquie (cant wait to lose it with the band) and her family on their devestating loss!


I have been with my babe for over 22 years...yeah we started young! I was 13 and he 17! It was on and off during high school and then it got serious again at around 21 and then at 23 we got married. He was still a little older than me but I was definitely the more "mature" one. He is my best friend and always knows how to make me laugh.

What I struggle with is his selfishness! Damn! Why? I know a lot of guys are but his is painful! What brings this up you say? Well my sister has asked me to go to San Diego with her in July for a few days and I have been arguing with him cause he thinks I shouldn't go. He says we should go as a family. Uhh, do do brain...a lot more affordable for one of us to go rather than a family of 4! We are already booked for Toronto and Montreal (don't get too excited...a hockey tournament and visiting with family - not an ounce of chilling!) in a few weeks but hold on, he goes to VEGAS at the end of May!

YEUP! All 4 of his buddies and I helped him book everything. PISS OFF! So wrong. Its so easy for him to go and enjoy himself but when it comes to me, its always questionable! So not fair. I only ask for a few days away chillin by the pool. Oh yeah, he is not a pool sitter - more like a cat - afraid of the damn water! And when we go on family vacays, we are always running around doing things and its extra special when all 4 (mil is always vacationing with us by the way - widowed and her dumb ass daughter never takes her anywhere!) are staring at me with what's next! Yes, all the pressure is on me to plan and make sure everyone is "good"! I never get to just chill! He doesn't do any of the planning and then complains when we do things that I like! WHATEVER! My mom wants us to go to Puerta Vallarta at Spring Break next year...they are paying for accomodations and he is already complaing! WTF? Done! TIRED of his BS!

Sorry I am rambling...trying to get the whole history in!

We even attempt to go to the Okanagan in the summer for a few days. I really like it, a ton of friends for us and the kids and we all have a blast. You lounge by the pool, drinks, walk and just chill. Guess what, he doesn't want to go back. I am not arguing with him anymore. He has now brainwashed my son as well and I gotta hear it from him. I am gonna finally be stubborn on this one and not go this year. He can maybe feel bad for a minute or so! WHo knows, maybe I am just wasting my time and it won't even phase him!

So back to San Diego...looks like I am not going. I don't have the energy to fight him anymore. I guess the saying is true..."gotta pick your battles"!

Wow, it definitely feels so good to put it out there. You are all a blessing in my life. Someone to listen and talk to!

Ladies and gents, life is hard but we can do it! We are lucky to be breathe! DETERMINED!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gas, more gas and a whole lot of TOOTIN!

What's the deal??
6cc's in a 10cc band, had my fill last week and I have been tooting non stop!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Does Anyone...

Get the pain in their left shoulder/side??

Friday, May 7, 2010

Slightly irritating...

Ok, love Bertinelli but come on...she is driving me insane with her Jenny Craig ads! Now she has added Sara Rue to the mix...and don't forget George Costanza from Seinfeld - what's his name!

Yeah, I know she has done it the conventional way but who in the world can live off that food??? I tried it and lasted 5 days!!! Enough with the ads already!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's EASY!!!!

Its been a long time since I have heard those words...ACTUALLY I have never heard them till NOW! Yes, I went for my second fill today and it was wham bham thank you mam!! The doctor said I was easy. The nurse and I had a laugh cause it took me all this time and money to finally be EASY! So he went in and said there were actually 5cc's but the last time I was there, he confirmed 4cc's. WTH did the 1 cc come from?? So now he put me up to 6cc's.

I've been afraid to eat any solids just in case! Its been liquids. Had a yummy strawberry banana vivanno smoothie from Starbucks and then I made a delish corn chowder. Filled it with everything. red peppers, corn, bacon, potatoes, onion and cod. I had a bowl full but still felt hungry so for dessert I had an ice cream cone. Went down with no problems. Will see how the morning goes when I am usually tighter. Tomorrow night is dinner at my MIL's and her food isn't as band friendly and of course I haven't told her!

Its finally beautiful in I go to enjoy some time with my kiddies.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2nd Fill...

Tomorrow and mamma's got a tummy bug!!
I have 4 cc's...planning to go to 5! Too much???

Monday, May 3, 2010

Never fails...

Just when I am on a mission of health and fitness...BAM! I get sick. Yuppers. Sore throat, chills and dizzyness. Today I am down...and now off to bed. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Monday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazy Sunday..

Its 12:06pm on Sunday and I have absolutely no motivation to even brush my teeth! Yup! I just want it to be a lazy day...The last week has been so hectic, crazy and stressfull and I just wanna CHILL (i forgot how to do this)! I can only do it for so long...

Two Communions today. I have to go pick up the cake, get the fam organized, do my grocery shopping, get the school/work week ready, fold clothes and oh yeah, do day 23 of my 30 day challenge. Don't know how the hell its gonna happen but it wil!!! I need a STARBUCKS! My green tea isn't cutting it. Hoping my sweet husband brings me one home!!l

We had my work retirement dinner last night and it was so nice to hear all the lovely and sweet compliments..A. on a successful evening, B. on my weight loss and C. on how I have been doing a great job at work. I had to admit that going to work for me is not work...its hanging with the guys! They make me laugh and at times can be crazy! I pray to God all the time and just thank him for giving me this opportunity!!
I even got to wear my new HEELS!! Yup. I decided that my limit is 5 hours and THATS it! Anything more and my body goes into shock! Check em out...