Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A new blog...

Ok so last night I was sitting in bed and wondering if I should do this or not. This lap band journey is a secretive one between my husband and sisters. No one else knows other than the surgeons, RN and maybe a girl from high school that I see at the surgical center. I know there is all this patient confidentiality stuff but what can I do...crossing my fingers and praying she never says anything and doesn't look at me any different! I keep asking myself why did I do this and then I remember that I could not do it on my own. Its a tool and so far a damn good one. I have tried every damn diet possible only to gain it back plus more. I am so on a mission. I have also started a 30 day challenge. 30 days of exercise for 30 minutes a day. I have also added no chocolate, cookies or cake! Majorly hard but I know this is what its gonna take to get to ONEDERLAND! Oh yeah its been a long time coming!

I had my surgery on Feb 24th and my pre-op diet started on Feb 10th! I have been faithfully reading everyone else's blogs and truly they have been so helpful in this journey! I was scared of the pre-op diet but I survived...then I was even more scared of what was I doing to myself...I survived! With minimal pain to the port and some stuck/sliming issues, all seems well!

What got me here? I love food, I love to eat and it makes me happy! Slight obsession with food. Yeah I know! My family is Italian and everything we do is focused around food! I have always wanted to be a skinny bitch! I have been a little obsessive on how they do it! I am on my way to being ONE!

I have two beautiful children and and an amazing husband that makes me laugh and scream! I have a great job that I love to come to and can't complain!

I have already started a blog on but as of today I will be a part of the blogger family!


  1. Yeah congrats I am so happy you are on here. When I get home I will post you addy so you can have somecmore support. Just waiting forca bit of an unfill.

  2. I now know who you are. Your little follower picture is a gray shadow and doesn't have a link to your blog. If you go to edit profile in your dashboard you can add you blog address so people can find you. You started your pre-op diet the day I had my surgery in Mississauga. Cool. Haven't had the best of luck with fills yet but am working on it and I am down a bunch of weight-like Michelle I needed a unfill a few weeks back. Glad you are blogging. It is really an inspiration. Also when you leave a comment (and comment lots if you can) leave your blog address and people will come visit.

  3. Michelle tuned me in to your blog! Can't wait to follow your journey!!

  4. Yay Welcome Nessa! Blogging is soooooo helpful, I can't believe I almost did not do it.

    Love your blog title too! ;) Thanks for your comments, can't wait to see what a Skinny Bitch you become!

  5. We have so much in common! I'm also an Italian girl, only my sisters and husband (and a girl from high school who also is a patient!) know, and my weight loss has been slow. Nice to read such a familiar story:)

  6. Jessica, we can do this together!