Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh yeah, yesterday I was in a funk and in withdrawal from chocolate, cakes and sugary foods! I WAS IN A FUNK! Then I went to the gym, felt better, came home, showered, lunches, tv and bed! I woke up this morning to TWO caramel pecan tarts sitting on my counter! My mil bought them last night and sent them home with my hubby! I didn't even know they were there. Gosh, my hear sunk! I looked at them, smelled them and was going to freeze them but then I opted to bring them to work and let the guys eat them! Unfortunately the 3 skinny bitches I work with - all males are on a freakin health kick and don't want them. Luckily our landlord came in and I gave him one. There is one left and its on the counter. Hmmm....normally I would dream about them all day and just think about how lovely they would taste but then I found a way to post my pics...thanks to the hotness of Michelle - Life of my lapband diva!

So now I have even more motivation to kick sugar in the ass! Check out my two beauties I just bought! Size XL equivalent to designer 14 and a size 12 - mamma's gotta lose some major inches! Oh yeah, today I am wearing my JEGGINGS with style ladies! Bring it on!

Day 13 of 30 day body aches a little! Today I am going to continue with my week 3 of my C25K! SO loving it. Tomorrow is my trainer and of course I always get a little worried. She kicks my ass HARD!


Cheers to all the sessy lapband lovies!


  1. Hi! Found your blog through someone else's...can't remember whose it was! Anyway, just wanted to stop by to say HEY! Love those new outfits! You are really doing great!!
    Feel free to reach out to me or visit my blog--I'm 51, I was banded in 2007, lost 115 yeah, I'm a skinny bitch...;-)
    And, I love it!!!!

  2. Hope you resisted the tart. You are being tested! And it will happen again. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.

  3. Its sitting there and all I am thinking about is how HOT I look today in my JEGGINGS! I spent a small fortune on those two pieces so I HAVE to FIT INTO THEM!

    Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose...I like that! Just get back up the next day!

  4. Love the new outfits!

    Good on you for ignoring the tarts - we win this one victory at a time :)