Monday, April 26, 2010

Foul Foul

Mood! Yup...I went to bed in one and woke up in one! Damn, I hate feeling like this. Too much going on in my brain and it is starting to hurt! How can you go from a happy happy place to a foul mood so damn fast!

To top it off, my daughter who is 6 decides to tell me that the she sits alone and the girls don't want to play with her! WTF??WHY??? It just set me off. I know she is only 6 but I don't want for her to have to deal with this. I know its just the beginning and I can only protect her so much but WHY? Why when I am in a foul mood to begin with! WHY?

I told her to go play with the other girls and boys...I always wanted a baby girl and when I got her, I was blown away cause she is my little angel but I am scared out of my pants to deal with this stuff. What if I say the wrong thing?

Kids can be so mean! I was bugged in elementary and high school cause I had a larger than life european nose...and they made fun of me. It was horrible and I will never forget it. By the way, the nose is now proportioned oh so well on my beautiful face! Screw those jacks!

I can't say highschool was the best years of my life. I came from public and went to private. Everyone already had their clicky groups and it took all of my energy to get friends. I was always way more advanced and I had my boyfriend (husband) early. He was a few years older than me and I hung out at his school more than my own (just easier)! Needless to say I skipped out a lot cause I just didn't want to be there! I prevailed, graduated and have an amazing job!

Jeez, I feel like I am all over the place this morning...just typing is helping!

I knew if I put it out there, all you amazing people will help me get thru husband tells me not to worry about it! He didn't go thru what I went thru!

Happy Days!


  1. Doesn't the pain go right though your heart when you hear your little girl say that. She might just be saying that for today. Sit down and ask her what might be going on. At six, she'll tell all. But if it happens a lot, have a little talk with the teacher, or have her invite one of her classmates to your house for some playtime. It might take a few "dates" before she finds the friend she needs. Hope it all works out.

    And to add-you're a good mom. They always forget to hand us the manual at the hospital.

  2. I am getting emotional as I read this...Where the hell is the manual??? This is the second time she has said it. My heart breaks a little each time!

    In Kingergarten they do the switch but she didn't cause of daycare reasons and I think she misses her friends...There is only a couple more months of school and then they will all be together in September!

    My daughter is a little agressive...I guess she gets that from me. I just don't want that to be a reason some of the girls dont mix with her.

    I am hoping it is just a phase and will be done with but I am scared this is just the beginning!

    Thank you thank you!

  3. Oh, I really dislike mean kids. I know things were tough for my kids and now I think it is even worse! I was a school bus driver up until last year and I could not get over how mean and hateful kids of any age are. It probably wouldn't hurt to notify the teacher so he or she can keep an eye out. Teachers like parents who are involved anyway. My stepson is autistic and we called the school all the time. It makes my face burn just thinking about how mean they were. I hope it gets better. Threatening the little buggers works too :)

  4. I keep hearing that the kids were afraid of me in high school! Little did they know I was afraid of them and tried to hide behind my tuffness! The joys of LIFE!

  5. Yeah I get in those moods all the time. It sucks and turns your whole world upside down. I don't have kids but I can imagine my child telling me that and how totally pissed I would be and probably want to beat up the rest of the children. ha! It must be hard. I hope things work out with that and that your mood improves!

  6. My oldest daughter is 9 now, but when she was in pre-school there were some "mean girls" who made it really unpleasant. I talked to the teacher about it, but I don't think it got better. Luckily when she went to kindergarten she made a few friends. I always struggled to make friends as a kid so I know how hard it cane be, but sometimes it isn't so bad to be on your own. I was really creative and made up stories in my head (sometimes I still do).

  7. I hate when my kids are sad because of something that happend at school. Daughter is 5 and some kid called her a loser. Really?? I wanted to tell her to sock the kid in the nose, but that doesn't solve it either. (((hugs)))