Thursday, April 15, 2010

It happened!

YUP! I threw up and it was not fun.
This is what happened...I worked my ass off with the trainer, hard, came home, showered, ran to mil's and sat down to ate but I was in a hurry cause I was going out for a pedi with my buddy. I took a few bites (brown rice and chicken) and I felt wierd. Tried to burp it down. Then I felt better and had some more. Ok, then a minute later...bam! I felt a pain in my chest. I went and slimed and slimed and I could not get comfortable. I was in panic mode cause I had to leave...I was definitely stuck but I thought it would pass. I kissed the kiddies, went downstairs and BAM! What a relief but uspetting cause I didn't want it to happen. I hate doing that. Scares the shit out of me. It was definitely a lesson learend: fast eating especially brown rice and chicken is a major NO! So I am in the loo sliming and kept telling myself that no more fills, no more fills and I have one booked for May 5th! Right now I have 4cc's!

The plan was to just a have a protein shake and send my husband to dinner. Next time I will know. I guess its part of the learning curve with my friendly bad ass band!

I am so relieved I started this blog cause I can get some guidance and support!

My stomach and chest feel off...hoping it subsides by the morning...DAY freakin 8 of my 30 day challenge! Oh yeah, trainer says I can lose 3lbs in one week if I continue doing what I am doing. Stay tuned!

Good night lovies...


  1. Yep - chicken isn't my friend either. I've found I have to eat it with a sauce on it nowadays.

    All the best with your 30 day challenge :-)

  2. so far i've been ok with chicken, but my doc says no rice or pastas, so i've been avoiding them like the plague. i'm scared to death of getting stuck. i can't imagine how freaked you musta been! glad you're ok though.

  3. Ugh, I haven't experience this yet. I'm sorry.

    Great job working with your trainer!

  4. Does your trainer know about your band?

  5. Thanks ladies!
    I think it was the combination of chicken and brown rice and eating fast. The pressure in my chest was not good. What a relief it was to get rid of it! I felt so much better. Lesson learned!

    Sandy, she does not know about the band! Too afraid...she knows too many people!

  6. the signature thing is at it's kinda hard to figure out where to put it in your blog settings to have it show up everytime and honestly i don't really remember where i put it and now it works. but you can create the signature there and get the html code for it. then play around with your blog setting and layout til it works and looks right. =)

  7. When I eat now for example I cut a wonton into 8-9 pieces. So also remember little pieces. Rice is a no no for me as well..

  8. I'm still learning every day. Up until a few months ago I had no restriction what so ever and honestly ate as though I didn't have the band. I tell ya that changed as soon as my fills started getting to the right levels. I too can not eat chicken no matter how it has been prepared. Same goes for pork and beef, except for ground beef. It gets easier with time, you learn that you must sit and chew and enjoy!

  9. Something wierd happened tonight. The pressure in my chest and then I was in panic mode and felt hot and dizzy. Now my chest and throat hurt. Looks like nice warm lemon water for the next day or so. Thanks ladies, I do appreciate it!