Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling GOOD...

So finally all this hard work is paying off! I keep looking for a day off but I still have like 16 days left of the 30 day challenge! ONEDERLAND is where I need to go! I am officially down 21lbs - 2 months post surgery. Down to 211! I think I was around 200 like 4 years ago and my size 16 regular pants were snug. I can't wait to to put them on and they are loose! I am wearing my CJ cookie jeans that were snug a couple of weeks ago and today they fit like a glove. Somedays I wonder why its not more and get a little down but I have to remind myself of the inches and the weight! My body is changing and for the good. I can see it in my face, legs, butt and tummy!
Also a huge huge shout out to all of my gorgeous followers - 25 baby! I have learned so much from the blogland and look forward to having you with me on this journey!
Today is trainer day and I always get a little worried. She takes you to that "next" level and sometimes so damn hard! It would be great if I could afford her twice a week. Maybe when I get to my first plateau!
I have a lot on my to-do list! My nephew is having his 1st communion and my sister is feeling overwhelmed so I need to help her.
I did book my husband's venue for him and his buddies 40th bday! It will be a surprise and definitely a weight has been lifted. Its a one stop shop! I like that!
Still a little chilly and overcast in beautiful Vancouver. We need to up the HEAT pronto!
Happy Earth DAY!


  1. AWESOME - so happy for you! And good luck with the'll do great!

  2. That's about where I was two months after surgery even though I wanted more weight to be off. The rest will come off.

    I have a confirmation this weekend. I guess the spring is the time. It's finally the last of 5 boys of my Brother in Law. I just go to the house because it is at a french catholic church and I don't understand a word they are saying. Just have to stay calm amongst the food.

  3. We Italians do everything "big" and it is all about the freakin FOOD! Luckily for my band and I can't eat like MAD!

  4. Woot Woot!!! You are doing great!!!!

  5. Yay Nella! Way to go!

    Good job on the 40th bday strategy, that sounds like a winner!

  6. You really are doing great! If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll know that my loss was not QUICK! (a little over 2 years to lose 100 lbs) But, it was continual! And, like you--I could see the changes and feel the changes. That kept me going!
    If you are just tuning into my blog--I want you to know that as much as I went into the process wanting to lose the weight fast, it worked out that I really found myself rewarded all the way through. As much as I would have loved to wake up 3 months after surgery and find myself -100 pounds, I now look back and say--"damn that was a good ride!!!" Trust me, I am a very impatient girl so the fact that I can say this speaks volumes!
    And, oh, I get you on the Italian thing---food is love, love is food and we love food....!!!

  7. Great job on the weight loss and excersise!