Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Control Top Sessy Panties!!!

Do they exist?

If so, I need to know! Mine look like the ones above...just like grannies!


  1. LOL! Good luck - mine look like these too!

  2. I need a little support ok a lot for my baby making tummy and want something with a little more sassyyyness! Keep you posted!

  3. Those look like mine too. And I'm not yet a granny. I hear others use Spanx. I noticed a lot in the store the other day. I thought they were just body shapers, but they have all sorts of different types.

  4. I find the panties at La Senza are a waste of money- they don't fit right and they don't support the bits that need a little help.

    The Bay has some good stuff but what I rely on is a spanx thingee that's a 1x. It's made for someone 30 lbs heavier but that's okay with me because then I am comfortable, held in and I still get the smoothing. I got mine at addition elle.

    I'm in BC, victoria- are you in BC, too?

    Dear God I hope so! Angie and I are the only canadians and Angie lives in the US most of the time so I'm thinking of revoking her right to say "eh".

  5. I walked into La Senza and just cringed! I was outta there pretty damn fast!
    I like my hanes but they don't give enough control!
    I will have to check out the spanx! Found out the home shopping channel is our Canadian supplier or what they call International!

    So from BC baby...Vancouver! Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics! So much damn PRIDE! Eh?

    I was at the Torch Relay with Michael Buble. I have pictures and even gave him a squeeze!

  6. GAWD - why do they make them so ugly? We should invent pretty ones even ho-bags would be willing to wear? Good luck in your search and tell us all if you find good ones.

  7. Just asking for a cute boy short with some control! We might be onto something!!!!!