Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a Relief!

I finally ate a proper meal last night....Mamma had some fish tacos and they were oh so good. Definitely go back for more! We ate at Earl's and it was yum. Maybe I was just starving for a real meal. I was so scared to eat yesterday. I finally had a nice warm cup of lemon water and then ate. My husband says to me, " I thought you couldn't drink before you eat?"! I said, I have to try and open it up a bit! It worked. I had an appetizer size and it was filling and I was done. The boys had chicken wings and I was so dying to eat one but opted not to!

All in all it was a pretty good day. My son finished his hockey tournament. Took my baby girl to drama classs (major drama queen) and then swimming lessons! Ohh the hightlight, get ready for this...I bought one of those wet jet mops - oh my gawd, I love love love it! I washed the floors - efffortlessly! Why did I wait so long?? Crazy eh? I hate doing floors!!!

Stomach's to another crazy busy day! Two kids bdays and 30 minutes of excercise!

Embrace your hot and sessy new bodies and rock it hard ladies!


  1. Hey Nella, thanks for visiting my blog.. glad I found yours.. read about your stuck incident, ouch!! I am so paranoid about getting stuck I chew things to death.. glad you found some foods that are working for you.. be well

  2. I always drink a glass of water before I eat because I know I have to wait for 30-60 minutes after I eat. Not a problem if you drink first. I also haven't had any problems giving up drinking with meals. So glad you got some food in.

  3. Another hockey mom! How old is your son? My boys, 9 and 11 play, as well as my 13-yr old DD and hubby too!

    I heart fish tacos! Need to try making them at home.

    BTW I always drink before meals. And if I am going out, or sometimes even at home, I will have wine with dinner. Some lap band docs are cool with this.

  4. What is happening now is as soon as I feel some sort of stuck in a social situation, I turn into panic mode and get freaked out. I need to break it FAST! I will continue with the hot water thing. Thanks ladies!

    Gen, my son is 9 and plays in a spring leaque. Way more intense than the regular season! We are heading to Toronto in June for a tournament. Supposed to be huge! By the way, love the RINK!

  5. I also drink before all my meals. I try to get in at least one to two cups before a meal. In the morning I almost always have a cup of green tea. It helps loosen me up.. lol...