Friday, April 23, 2010


What is with this woman and freakin lunges and squats?? I can't believe I pay her to torture me! I can't sit, walk and move quickly! I need to get my 30 minutes in today and I am struggling!

Thank gawd its Friday!

My husband the skinny bitch had to buy a pair of pants so we went to the mall last night...literally walked in, grabbed a pair, tried them on and bought them! R U KIDDING ME? So WRONG on so MANY LEVELS! One day my day!

I have a lot this weekend...dinner, bdays, cleaning, excercising and LAUNDRY! I hate floors and laundry. It just piles up. I need a fairy poof it all away!

Have a fantabulous Friday and amazing weekend lovvies!


  1. GAWD - I hate how boys can do that. Whatever. Good job on the lunges...I remember it hurting to sit down to pee when I did too many of those! Smooches!

  2. I did legs today too with my trainer.. holy shit, I may not be able to walk tomorrow!! Have a good weekend!

  3. My DH is the same way! Not super skinny but never has trouble finding anything. Jerk.

  4. My DH is a skinny bitch too.

    I just caught up with him weight wise in January and got to 199 lbs and what does he do? He goes and gets mono and loses 10 more lbs. Skinny bitch with mono!