Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have read so many blogs and so many have said that they are NOT on a diet and it is a new way of life for them...I feel like I am on a CONSTANT DIET! Watching what I eat, no sweets, excercise and damn hard work just to lose a couple of pounds a week and this week - NADDA! I have lost 6lbs since my last fill. I guess I am like the others...I wish it would come off quicker! Why do we do this to ourselves??? WHY?

I should be proud and happy cause I made one of my goals - a size 16 pant! Now I just want that damn ONEDERLAND! What will it take to get there?? WHAT? I go for my second fill on Wednesday! Should I go to 5ccs or 4.5ccs? I am currently at 4ccs.

By the way, I have my husband announce that he has lost even more weight...down to 211! My gawd, I weigh the same as him and of course too afraid to let him know! At the gym once or twice a week and eating less! I have been excercising every damn day on this CHALLENGE! Day 20 by the way!

Wow, does that make me feel better or what!


  1. I can't tell you how much weight my husband has lost on MY diets! So very frustrating. If you feel like you are dieting, it's definitelty time for a fill. And just as eating to lose weight should be something I enjoy, so should exercise. Do it for the endorphins of it, and how it makes you feel great.

    And, no there was really no discussion about my tummy tuck. I needed it, there was no debate in my mind. I know I'm making it sound really miserable, but I am actually really happy it's done, and I'm on the road to being finally finished. Woo hoo.

  2. Hey glad you found my blog and in return I found yours!!!!!!! Yay! My husband always looses weight too, oh and did I mention he doesn't try very hard and I bust my BUTT!!!!!!! I always feel like I am on a diet also, but then again I have no band :( Thanks for following me!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Nella,

    I absolutely agree, I'm so over dieting, but it must go on or I won't lose weight! If my mind isn't on a diet it can't say no to eating for pleasure...All these people who say they don't diet and then describe how healthily they eat and how little...I think 'A diet by any other name would smell as sweet!' If you know what I'm saying.

    Sparkler xx

  4. I think I was slightly dillusional when I thought it would be easier and NO MORE DIETING! My pants are falling off so there are definitely inches being lost. Its just that DAMN scale. Plays too many head games with me!

    Cheers to a sunny Thursday! Ohhh I love Thursdays!

  5. Nella.....
    I know, I know, I know...I am the one saying I am not on a diet. And, you know what? Either are you!!! If you are banded, you are just learning a new lifestyle---you are not dieting! You are really doing great!!!

  6. I try to remind myself about the new lifestyle! Thanks are all so sweet!

  7. Ah.... sucks to be us doesn't it :-)

    I'm feeling exactly the same at the moment. If I am having a logical/reasonable moment (I do have them - just not all the time!) I remind myself that I am 14 kg lighter than I was before the band and it sure as hell wouldn't have happened without it!!

    Hang in there!!

  8. I am with you about struggling to live like I am not dieting, but wondering if I really am. The thing is for me that I do not make any foods "forbidden". If I want something, I have it. I figure a way to work it into my plan. But I do have to plan and count calories and protein. The only people who DON'T have to do those things are 15 year old boys (and maybe your husband). If I'm not following my food plan and just eating whatever the heck I want, that isn't "normal" eating either.

  9. You're doing great - for real - totally! You'll get there - marathon not a race remember? And by the way - boys suck. Totally. Boo to boys and how fast they lose weight.

  10. Here's the thing: You are way early in the process. You are not at your sweet spot. Until then "not dieting" is much harder.

    But, there seems to be some confusion about not being on a diet vs. "just eating whatever the heck I want." Those are not the only two choices.

    The happy medium is eating when you are hungry, feeding your body what it wants in a reasonable way, and being satisfied with a small amount of food so that you do not have to track calories or always be on some food plan. It is hard to believe, but if you let the band work AND you are at optimal restriction, dieting, counting calories, and food plans are entirely unnecessary.

    I went from 4 ccs (my first fill) to 6 ccs (my second fill) and it was awesome! (I skipped the 5 cc range alltogether). It was at 6 ccs that I really started to get the no hunger thing.

    It will get easier!