Friday, April 16, 2010

R u FREAKIN kidding ME???

I was sitting so nicely today with my boss and smiling...he asked me why I was smiling and I responded life is pretty damn good. I have two amazing healthy children, a great husband, financially we are comfortable and so much less worrying and so much less sadness with my weight loss moving in the right direction...DOWN!

Left work, sat outside for a bit, went to Costco, cleaned up the house, went to MIL's for family dinner and then bam! I took a few bites and I felt pressure. I got up, went to the bathroom and I was in panic mode! I slimed, burped and was getting ready to throw up but nothing was coming. Then I felt even more pressure like I could not breathe... and then I felt hot and dizzy. I got so scared!!!! WTF???? This is not what it is supposed to be!! HELP! I had a few bites of pasta, a piece of chicken wing and a bite of bread and then it happened. IS THIS BANDSTER HELL cause it SURE FELT LIKE IT!! Now I am really scared to eat.

How can such a beautiful day end so crappy????? How do I get past this???


  1. Damn that pasta and bread - not a band's best friend :(

  2. So weird that you say that. Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend. Only able to eat a few bites even though I was starving before getting the chest pains. Then we get back to work and there were some cookies. I had a cookie (the large kind) and it went down fine. lol.

  3. Ohh! That sounds awful. I've still not gotten stuck it scares the bejeebers out of me. I hope you feel better. Oh and I by the way, I really like your attitude - keep on smiling :)

  4. Yup I stay away from bread Most pasta and dry chicken. I love things like quino spelling error and buckwheat now. Jesh I had a couple fries and yup u guessed it stuck. So I had chicken soup for dinner. Hope it is feeling better now. It is a learning curve keep up the positive upbeat attitude my dear.

  5. I barely ate yesterday...but then at night I got hungry so we went to Earl's. I figured I have to have to eat so I drank a warm cup of lemon water and the prawn tacos went down nicely. What a relief!

    After Friday's experience I may hold off on my next fill...

    Thanks yall!