Thursday, April 29, 2010

Please please tell me I AM NOT CRAZY!!

I was having a great day...all your support and love is contagious!
I get home and open the mail...this is where it STARTS!
I get a letter from our insurance carrier for our critical illness mortgage insurance and they have declined my coverage!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET THIS...they list the reason because of my...READY???

WEIGHT AND HEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gawd, my mouth dropped and my heart sunk all the way to my stomach! WTF??? This can't be! I am willing to pay that extra amount for the coverage and they are declining me. ME! 36, healthy, ecg was perfect...non smoker. WEIGHT AND HEIGHT! WEIGHT AND HEIGHT! Did I mention that?

Crazy cause we had to renew our mortgage due to the rates and we were already accepted on the crititical illness coverage on the first time but there was confusion with applications, so they made a REP call me. I completed the questionairre and I had to tell them about my lapband!

I was and am healthy with a slight weight issue! I was 232lbs and 5 foot 3!! I am now 211lbs! Doesn't that count for anything? I even self paid for my surgery!!!!

Can anyone explain this shit to me?
I just lost it and it ruined my evening and lost any motivation in me!!

I need the strength to dust off my pain and get back up!!! HELP!! Please tell me I am not crazy!!! PLEASE!


  1. You are not crazy - that would upset me too.

    *sigh* I really hate being treated like a statistic on a piece of paper!!

    Stuff them (sorry very Aussie saying!) - you are doing great - your health is good now and will only get even better. If they can't see that you making positive changes they aren't worth being annoyed over!!

  2. I'm so sorry! That totally stinks, and no, you are not crazy. I would be so upset as well. Dust yourself off, continue on, and show them you can and will lose this weight and most importantly KEEP IT OFF!

  3. Geez.. Here is what I think I would do.. see if you can get your physician to write a letter to support that you are taking appropriate measures and that he/she can vouch for your health status. You can then request an appeal of the decision based on the physicians letter.. I think at this point it is them against you and you need to pull in a third party (a physician would be an expert).. don't know if this would help (but it can't hurt either).. good luck.. wish I could be more help

  4. I would be upset too. That really sucks.

  5. That is a huge blow, sorry to hear that. It won't be like that for long, you are killing this weight loss thing!

    Sorry, I can't offer any advice because I am not sure how your insurance works in Canada. Don't let it get you down though, try and focus on all the amazing things you have done so far!